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Dress Sloper

Yes, I am still taking pattern drafting classes. I am little behind. We had spring break two weeks ago and I was too busy at work to slip away for classes this past week. But, I’m going in today. So, very early this morning I got up and altered and sewed up my dress sloper (due last week — yikes).  This is based on a Butterick (can’t find the number right now).


Overall, I’m pleased! I have NEVER considered wearing a pencil skirt before. But, I like the shape of this! I see some basic sheath dresses in my immediate future. Right, back to the sloper.

The center front line is pulling (as is the center back). But, I think it has more to do with how little ease is in the sloper.  Using my measurements, I

  • made my sway 1.5 inch back adjustment to the back skirt
  •  added about two inches of width for the thighs 
  •  widened and lengthened the sleeves (we’re not adding those yet).

Very minimal alterations needed. Based on what I’m seeing, I think I still need

  • a swayback adjustment to the bodice back
  • deeper darts to the skirt back and skirt front.

I have since added a zipper to the back.


I’m open and welcome to thoughts! I’ll also let you know what my professor has to say.

** ETA: My instructor said I needed to lengthen my front  skirt darts and take a tuck from the upper front bodice. She said the rest, was good. So, I cut it out of oak tag and she’s grading it now. I’ll make it up again when I get it back.