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Weee!!! Pants (SWAP #1)

Ahhhh. I can’t tell you the sense of relief of adding a new pair of pants to the wardrobe. I made these about three weeks ago, washed them twice and they’ve held up!

These are Vogue 8457, view C (with pleats, no belt). They are made up in a silk herringbone I got from Fabric Mart last year, I think it was $10 a yard. They are fully lined with some Bemberg from Joann’s. Overall the pants were probably $30. They are super wide. Like I walk and feell the cuffs swinging about wide. But, I like them because they hug my slim bits (hips and waist) and glide over my not so slim bits (rear and thighs).I did make a swayback adjustment to the waistband and like how they are snug against my back. Something unusual for me. Other than that, they fit me out of the envelope. Ok, I probably could do some sort of seat adjustment because they look like they are struggling with ease up and under my rear.

I couldn’t find my directions (well, I found them the morning when I was ALL DONE) so I used my Sewing Pants from the Singer Reference Library to make the cuffs. The cuff on these pants are really deep. In fact, I took several inches off the length and reduced the depth of the cuffs. The cuffs are huge again because they were dragging and getting dirty. I still need to tweak the cuffs so that they are even. Oh, I also tacked them in the seams, the front and the back.

I made belt loops, but I think I’m going to remove them. I don’t have a skinny belt. Well, I do, but I can never seem to find it when I need it i.e. now. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these and will probably make my next pants up in the same style. They are totally working for me.

Look Ma! No prints!

These pants conclude the parade of finished projects for the week. Hopefully some sewing over Thanksgiving. Maybe another skirt project and the start of pants or a shirt.

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White Blouse, Finally (SWAP 2)

Blouses and pants are three week affairs for me. There’s enough hand sewing and detailing to keep me busy. But, I FINALLY have a white blouse in BWOF 1-2008-106.

A tuexedo blouse no less. My clothing options have just like doubled.

I decided to be all fancy and use a different fabric for the inside collar and cuffs. I’ve seen this in J.Crew and Burberry. I’m also still me and an all white blouse was hard for me to swallow. I did do the upper most buttonhole in a pale shade of pink.

I have already used Scotchguard on the blouse because I would like it to last as long as possible. I also handsew on all my buttons. No fancy French seams for me. I just serged everything.

Somehow I managed to not put my button over the bust. I’m not sure what happened. I clearly recall putting on the blouse and marking it.

It would definitely make this again. It’s basic and needed. It’s also the same shape as another blouse in the January edition I made over the summer, #105.

Fabric from a friend over the summer. It’s 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Buttons can be found at this eBay store.
Next up, palette cleansing easy skirt.