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Bali, Cosmo Dress and A Little Knittin’

I’m heading to Bali, Indonesia with a friend in less than two weeks. She’s going to Nusa Dua for work. I’m along for the ride and paid-for hotel room. Jordan will be in trial so I think he’s relieved I’ll be out of his hair.  Among the activities I’ve planned for myself, I’m most excited about an all day textile tour. Bali is home to batik, ikat and what we know as Dutch Wax Prints.

Balinese Songket

It’ll probably rain most of the time I’m there. But, as long as I don’t get malaria or Hep A, I can’t say that I care.

I have a few things I’d like to sew before the trip (rash guard, swim skirt, rain bonnet). But, let’s face it. I’m not sewing much of anything these days. So, I won’t bore you with my whimsical ideas and will *maybe* have something to show from exotic locales when I’m home.

Any Bali tips for me? I’m going to take a cooking class, a surfing class and a spa day. We’ll also be doing some biking when she’s done working at the end of the trip. Any fabric store I won’t be able to resist? Tips on bargaining and what I should pay? Give me all the tips, please.

An Australian in my office told me to not act like a Bogan. That was his big tip <– If this is an offensive phrase, please tell me *now*.

unnamed (1)

In other sewing news, my most made pattern, the OOP Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan dress is going to have a limited  100 pattern reprint.  You may recall that I have the silk jersey pre-treated and waiting for me to make this for the fourth? Fifth time? Reasons I love this pattern: minimal if any FBA needed, defined waist, great neckline for me… it’s the ultimate dress for an hourglass.

I’m pretty obsessed with knitting you guys. I’m working on a University of Michigan themed scarf for Jordan. And by working on it, I mean I’ve finally figured out the design, how to make fair isle and when to change colors on my machine  🙂  Here’s a photo of the swatch I worked up.  I won’t be able to look at this again until I get back from Indonesia. And, if that’s anything like my trip to Egypt or China, I’ll need a week or more to recover from aggressive food poisoning and jet lag 🙂


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And away we go!

Hello Kittens! Thanks for the lovely comments on my new skirt. I’m so thrilled you all enjoyed our little challenge.

When last I left you, I was working on two dresses from the June 2009 BWOF. I’m done with the first sans the belt and will take photos outside soon. But I’ve only cut out and done interfacing on the kimono dress. Just thought I would show you what I’m doing to make it not be too PINK. For the sleeve bands, I’m using navy to break up the color (maybe with pink topstitching). For the obi. I’m using bias cut tie silk fabric for the main section and pink for the long straps. Hopefully, it won’t all look like an Easter egg exploded.

What I don’t love, is that you can see the facing in the unlined dress. Not a big fan.  But, don’t hate it enough to add lining 🙂

Tonight I’m heading to the big city of NYC for a family wedding. Trena is my date and we’ll be doing some light shopping on Friday. For the Sunday wedding, I may scandalize the West Indian congregants of the SDA church my parents got married in by showing my shoulders and wearing a spaghetti strap dress. I figure if I can’t wear what I want at 33, when can I? Talk to you again on Monday!