AG Doll: It’s a Wrap, Take 2

I made a second version of the It’s a Wrap Dress for my niece’s American Girl Doll. This fabric was originally aprons for friends. I found the remnants of it when digging around for some age appropriate for a doll and and nine year old.

This time, I added an inch to the right wrap piece. It wasn’t drafted the same length as the back.  Which resulted in my having to shorten the dress all around the first time. It was so short in my first version, you can see the doll leg joints. This one, comes to her knees.

So, now, the doll can sit without flashing her good china. No need to take after me, huh? Speaking of that skirt, version two is almost done. I just need to sew in pocket bags.

This fabric does not want to fray as easily as the denim!! It’s a cotton stretch. I’m going to have to tackle that in front of a movie. Or just straight up hem it.

I’m all out of ‘youthful’ fabric. So, I’m stuck for a bit until I can make it to the fabric store.


  1. Cute. I take it that your sil still hasn’t sent your niece’s measurements. You know that you are not obligated nor did she ask for a complete wardrobe for the doll.
    The problem with sewing for others is that they have no idea how long it takes to actually sew something especially since you also have to ship these things. You asked for measurements, does she even have a tape measure?

    • Yep. No measurements yet. I was going to make a little wardrobe for the doll. But, have since changed my mind. If I don’t get them by this weekend, I’m just sending along this dress and not saying anything else.

    • Nancy-I sew for others as a business. They have absolutely NO idea how long it takes or how essential good measurements are! Made a medieval bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s daughter with e-mailed measurements, Because of the poor girl’s reluctance to admit how large she was the dress, though beautiful, was about three sizes too small. She couldn’t fit her arms in the sleeves! They had to rent a dress for her, and another, thinner, girl wore the dress for the wedding. I only use my own measurements or those of a trusted seamstress to sew for people now. Lesson learned! To add to the confusion, manufacturers have vanity sizing that is constantly changing so one really doesn’t know what size they are.

  2. I was talking with some friends about getting together at my house for a fancy tea party. I said “I’ll bring out the good china”… and then cracked up, to their complete mystification.

  3. I like your response to Nancy’s comment. I think people think we just sit at a sewing machine and whip things up…not that we need time to sew and time to think creatively. All of that to say I agree with your plan!

  4. I really think you did a fabulous job on this one! I do hope I didn’t offend you with my comment on your last post. 😳 I thought about it later and felt bad. I was thinking about the fraying, why not let it fray on it’s own? Or let your niece work on it? That might give her something to feel like she really helped, you know?

  5. I think the dresses are really lovely. That said, don’t make any more! I have had the same sort of thing with my sister. The best thing to do is next time you see your niece, take her fabric shopping or let her pick something from your stash and let her do some of the work – pin and cut out – she can press if she’s nine.

    I am working on my Oive Ann Designs doll – first one is going to be a boy. Got the face embroidered and the body cut out.

  6. My daughter keeps seeing pics of the AG dolls clothes you have sewn and then demanding to know where hers are! I know I should hoard some garment fabric scraps but I keep throwing them out. Your little wrap dress looks easy and quick. Great job!

  7. Just add some leggings to that really short top and call it a tunic. Are you hooked on doll clothes yet?

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