Belated Blog Updates

Welcome to my longest blog break ever? It’s been ten months since I’ve posted here (March 2021), but I have some good reasons.

If you follow me on Instagram (a sentence I hate writing as it sounds so indulgent, lol) you’ll know that I’m a mom now. Not quite an immaculate conception, Jordan and I became adoptive parents in May 2021.

First peds appointment

Just before that, in April 2021, I had a random mini stroke (TIA) during a workout that scared the daylights out of us and sent me to the hospital for a two-day stay. I had trouble walking, speaking, and swallowing. Post hospital, I had facial droop and trouble coming up with words for a short time after. I’m totally recovered now and glad my husband ignored me and called 911.

still in my workout gear

I was extremely freaked out and didn’t even want to go to the hospital as we were renewing our adoption package. I was positive it would prevent anyone from letting me become a parent. Turns out I was wrong.

Since then, I’ve sewn like four things. I finished up (finally) the Single Girl Quilt that I started 10+ years ago:

May be an image of indoor
Photo Courtesy Quilts Made With Love

I sewed a Rythym Quilt for our living room:

May be an image of indoor
Photo courtesy of Quilts Made With Love
I normally don’t wash my quilts right away, but this one needed the crinkles

And I made three or four baby outfits while on parental leave.

Pardon my egregious pedi. Simplicity 1600 vintage romper set. Stash fabric from Fabric Mart.
October 2021 Ottobre romper. Knit fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Jinbei pattern (love this woven romper, will make many more).

Since going back to work, I have sewed nothing. While I know this is just temporary and at some point I’ll get back to my sewing, it’s been a major adjustment to not have my main hobby and form of creativity at my disposal.

I’m not sure when I’ll return here for more in-depth posts (or if ever?). Time is a serious commodity these days. My birthday falls on Passover this year, so my husband is taking the baby to his parents for a long weekend, so I can be left alone with all my things. I’ve never looked so forward to my birthday in my life 😄.



  1. Congrats. Your daughter is adorable. I have missed seeing your posts but motherhood Does take precedence. Hope all the TIA issues are behind you.

  2. So happy for you two/ three! No apologies necessary & we’ll see you when we see you!

  3. So happy to get an update and see your delightful daughter photos! And hear that your family is a-ok. I too hope TIAs are behind you. This made my day! 😊

  4. oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a mom!!! For you both, for becoming PARENTS! Oh for real I’m so happy for you both, and for beautiful little Ruby! There is no need to apologize, I probably could not put that baby down for ten minutes, she is lovely! We’ll see you when we see you, Mommy!

  5. I am so thrilled for you!!! What happy news to hear. You, of course, don’t know me but I read and enjoy your blog and this was such happy news to hear. Your daughter is gorgeous and I love her name.

  6. Reading this was an emotional roller coaster – the TIA, the arrival of darling little Ruby of the adorable feet. Thank you for sharing this important year for your family.


    • Right? I never knew how to tackle everything and it happened so fast, I just didn’t get to address it here. I went from “I could have died” to “I have to live forever for this baby!”.

  7. Whew, talk about life drama. You both radiate joy! Grandparents get Ruby time, and Mama gets all-important mama-time: win-win for everybody. Chag Sameach!

  8. I thought my grandson was the only one always camera ready, but I stand correct. Ruby is CUTE!!!! I follow you on IG and don’t know how I missed the hospital period, so glad you are ok. Girl, do ALL.THE.THINGS (or nothing) for your B-Day, most of all enjoy!

  9. Congratulations and Huzzah on your daughter! Prayers of health and joy for you and your family!

  10. Nice to see you! Congratulations! Sewing will be there when you need it, meanwhile enjoy babyhood as much as you can.

    • And I upgraded one of my knitting machines during this break! I went from a 930 to a 965. I hope I can make at least some winter hats this season to test it out.

  11. What a fabulous shock to see you and Ruby! Wishing you lots of love and bonding and all the best in life for your new little family!

    • Thank you! Next thing I know, I’ll be asking you for wedding dress alteration tips. I can’t believe how the last eight months have flown by.

  12. Oh, how wondrous! What a scary health event! What a precious family! What a cutie!

    You will sew. Little girl outfits made with love. Costumes, dress-up clothes. Then maybe even for yourself, yes, probably. How else will Ruby’s pretty mama have fine things that fit.

    I can’t believe so much time has passed. Thank you for allowing me/us to bless your journey thus far. The loss of these messages is almost enough for me to start using Instagram. I realize there’s only so much time.

    I wish you a future overflowing with love, joy, peace, and health.

  13. How WONDERERFUL! As a fellow maker I am overjoyed by the opertunities of those in my tribe as they strive to leave their mark. Shaping the next generation is the ultimate “make”. Congratulations! I swear that she has your smile.

    • I heard a fantastic NPR story over Thanksgiving about the loss of home sewers and chefs. It basically said that the more people stop doing these things, the fewer there will be in the next generation. I hope I can instill some love of craft in her, but will also try my best not to make her a carbon copy of me, lol.

  14. Thank you for sharing!
    That mini-stroke thing- terrifying 😣Your quilts are so gorgeous. The pics of you and Ruby 💗💗💗. Adorable rompers

  15. Even if it’s not very often. Understandably so with the new baby. Please give us a little update once in a while. I would miss not hearing from you and what you are up to! All the best with your newfound Mommy-hood.

  16. What a smile she has! We your adoring fans will be cheering you on while you take care of the more important things–baby, husband, and some alone time! 🙂

  17. I’ve so enjoyed everything you’ve shared about this journey on Instagram and here. Sewing four things in the first year of parenthood is amazing! (I remember forcing myself to wait until my first daughter was one before I felt like I could tackle anything). I’m so happy for you all. ❤️❤️❤️

    • My friend came by over the weekend to do some sewing. So I had a second set of eyes and hands in my studio. I got it a little cleaned up and felt like it’s going to be ready for me whenever I get back in there.

  18. I am happy that you have made such a wonderful recovery! Your quilts are beautiful and so is your ADORABLE baby girl! Congratulations and warm wishes for continued good health and lots of time to make even more beautiful quilts and clothing for your little one.❤️

  19. Such lovely news! Wishing you and your family all the best! And don’t worry, time for sewing will come again!

  20. This is the best I-haven’t-been-posting post ever 😍! What a cutie, I’m so happy for all of you. Glad the TIA was mild too, and looking forward to lots of adorable baby outfits, or outfits for an adorable baby

  21. I’ve followed you for several years now, but I rarely comment on your posts. I don’t do IG much, so I had no idea you were trying to become parents. Congratulations to you all! What a cutie! Ruby is gorgeous & that smile is beyond adorable!

    • Thank you! We didn’t really share outside of immediate family and a small circle. At one point, I was ready to talk about it here — in case it helped connect us to a birth mom. But, things worked out in the best way possible.

  22. Dear Miss Celie, I have followed you from forever and love seeing you pop up in my new mail. So imagine when I saw the opening line longest….. My immediate oh now she is leaving us. Well I am right now finding it difficult to compose this while tearing and happy dancing. She is so beautiful and you look so very happy. Welcome to motherhood, one of the hardest jobs you will ever love. Enjoy Every minute of this journey, it flies by. I will wait patiently for anything you post especially pics of that incredible smile(s). Ruby like the gem she is is a very lucky girl to have you as her Mom. Mazel tov and peace and Love Rivka (my chosen name)

  23. Motherhood has made you even more beautiful. Ruby is a doll! I love the photo of her in the Ottobre romper. She’s so happy to see herself with you in the mirror. Congratulations. I think you will do more sewing now that you have a little muse.

  24. She is so gorgeous! Lovely family. So happy for you all. Crafting time will come back, glad you’re enjoying baby-time 🙂

  25. I’m so glad Jordan ignored your protests and hauled you off to the hospital in April. And that you got in for treatment (not so easy at times with so many covid patients). And that you recovered.

    Congratulations on baby Ruby! She’s adorable, and I bet she keeps both you and Jordan on your toes. Your quilts came out great, and you are right – the sewing will return at some point.

    • So am I! As I was googling “mini stroke” while waiting for the ambulance, I realized I was at high risk of having a full blown one in the next 24 hours. I was terrified! It’s also validating to be in a hospital and every doctor tells you how young and healthy you are, hahaha.

  26. congratulations. I was thinking of you this week and that I hadn’t seen any of your wonderful posts. So happy for you. Enjoy your little one, she has a great smile and I am surprised you have so many clothes and finished those quilts. Impressive. I hope you continue to enjoy good health after your TIA. Glad your husband ignored you. Very best wishes.

  27. I’m literally clapping my hands with glee! Congratulations and very best wishes for all of you. Your darling girl is enchanting, and obviously you’re all in love. So happy for you all.

  28. Congratulations! And all my best wishes for your future as a family. LOL my last post on my sewing blog is the announcement that I would become a mother – nine years ago.

  29. You and your baby are both beautiful. May you enjoy many happy years, and many happy sewing sessions, together.

  30. You will sew again. Whether you blog or not, that will be up to you, cause IG works for pictures and quick descriptions. Can’t believe Ruby’s gonna be one soon! While I’m sure this year has gone very fast and very slow for you…it’s amazing that she’s almost walking!

  31. How wonderful. Your baby is beautiful. I know she’ll be the best dressed baby ever. Congratulations. I always check your blog to see what you are making. This post was a wonderful surprise.

  32. Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous.

    You’ll get back to sewing… one day! I didn’t manage a single stitch for three years, but I did have twins lol. Sewing will be waiting when you’re ready (and on your birthday! Have fun!) x

  33. OMG! She is so adorable I can’t stand it! I just want squeeze her and kiss that precious little face. Congratulations!

  34. I feel so honored to follow your blog. I have been a admirer from when you were first ‘learning’ to sew so forgive my tears and chills I experienced with the red lipstick – baby on hip photo of you & your daughter. Congratulations! The joy, beauty and love of your family radiates through these pictures. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing!

  35. “I’m a mom now” ahhh crying emoji! It must feel incredible to say that. She is just The. Cutest. Little. Baby. Ever.

  36. I’m so happy for you! Ruby is amazing! I followed you for years without commenting but I just had to tell you congratulations.

  37. You are glowing. And have pretty much the cutest child in the universe. All best wishes to your family.

  38. Congratulations! Ruby is absolutely beautiful! I want to reach in there and squeeze those wee tootsies. I was a prolific sewer before we had kids – and then nothing until they were in college, lol. But, life changes and you will be so busy enjoying everything she does that you won’t miss the sewing/quilting if you just can’t find time to fit it in. And then one day you’ll be ready to pick it up again. Thankfully you have recovered from TIA and I hope that was the end of that unsettling situation. Take care of yourself and enjoy your new life as a mama!

  39. I’ve been following you for a long time, and was so surprised to see your new post. Gasped when I saw L’il Sweetface, and again when I’d read of your health issues. Of course we don’t know each other personally, but I am SO happy for you, Josh and Ruby. Does this ol’ heart good to see such joy and love and happiness, given everything that has occurred both personally and globally for all of us. God Bless You and your family. Big cyber hugs and kisses!

  40. Congratulations! Ruby looks like such a happy baby – and like everyone else has said, she’s gorgeous.

  41. Congratulations! Your Rubaby is so beautiful she gives my new grandbaby a run for her money! Enjoy yourselves and her!

  42. OH MY GOSH. Hello Little Family! So much love here, so happy happy happy for you. Babies are time machines: every day takes a decade and a year happens in a moment. Please take the time to just bask in the cute, the screams, the baby funk, all the stuff. There’s a whole new baby every day.

  43. Having followed you for at least a decade, I remember photos of your parents, your podcast adventures with Trina, your meeting Jordan, and now, wow, I couldn’t be happier for you both. The love and happiness is just shining out of all three of your faces. Your daughter is a darling. Warmest prayers for the happy times to come.

  44. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! Something about a baby with great hair, it often makes Mom feel a little bit like she is just playing with a doll….

  45. Congratulations on the arrival of little Ruby! She is adorable and you look like the happy family you deserve to be. I am so happy for you. (Glad you are better from your health scare!) Abbey

  46. Ruby could not be more adorable!!! Becoming a parent is the most fundamental life change imaginable. You will eventually get bits and pieces of time for yourself. Enjoy, and know that we are happy for you, whether you post here or not!

  47. Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful!, I LOVE her name. It’s so nice to hear some happy news. The outfits you made her are adorable, and the quilt, I LOVE it! Sending love and happiness to your sweet family. xoxo

  48. She is so beautiful and she looks like a combination of you and your husband. Having friends and family who have adopted I tell you from experience this will be a blessing for her as she grows up, not that you will be hiding that you adopted her, but other kids can be cruel. As for sewing I suggest you layer your fabrics and cut several of the same rompers at one time, but not too many because she will grow fast. Enjoy that baby. Enough advice from an old lady. I am beaming just looking at that adorable smiling face, I just can’t help it.

  49. Whew! From terror to joy in a heartbeat–what a time you went through. Congratulations on adding Ruby to your family! Those smiles–yours, hers, and Jordan’s–are wonderful. (And I’m glad you’ll have a weekend to yourself.)

  50. First, I’m so thankful you are ok. Second, the rest of the post is the happiest I’ve read all week! What a beautiful family you have made– enjoy! The days are long but the years are short is so true! (and I hated it when people said that to me but my girls are grown and I get grandbabies to love on)

  51. Aw, she is, indeed, a precious gem. Congratulations to you and Jordan. Much happiness, good health and long life to you all.

  52. Congratulations! It’s a blessing your husband ignored you and your daughter is a precious jewel.

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