So, that’s what it’s good for!

My kidney shaped pressing ham was very useful tonight. It’s perfect for pressing that hard to reach crotch curve.

Which means that yes, after two hours and multiple trips from the computer in the basement to my sewing room on the second floor, I made a fly front.

The Sandra Betzina video is in fact good. I somehow still don’t quite have it right. I should have added some width to the fly extension. But, practice will make perfect.

Marking the fly was super easy with my little template. Debbie Cook pointed out on her blog during her Best Jeans Ever week, that you can also use the zipper packet. Who knew? This template has a 1″ and 1-1/4″ marking. There were two. I now have one. I bought them about 10 years ago. Yikes. Do you remember that weird feeling when you could first remember 10 years ago?

I’m also adding a lining to these pants although the pattern doesn’t call for it. It was easier to construct than the pant! To make a lining for these, just eliminate the pocket and attach the yoke to the pant leg.

Ok. I’m going to look for the other template now. That’s going to drive me crazy.

If you bought some of the striped rain coat fabric last week, you know it says ‘dry clean only’ Leslie has done a little pre-wash of fabric samples to see what happens to it with home care. I am grateful for this as I was was too stingy to give up any of my four yards for a test before I knew what I was doing with it.


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  2. Do you know anywhere that still sells a fly front Template? All my searches so far have drawn a blank.

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