The Rest of the Weekend

Jennifer just headed home to Frederick, Deepika is at the airport set for Boston and Cindy is at the train station for her ride to North Carolina. It was wonderful having them all here and I thought I would share a few more photos in this post.
Apparently I need a laptop, because I was the only one without! But, Deepika and I were just as bad with our crackberries.

I mentioned the aquarium right? I haven’t been to the Baltimore (or is it National?) Aquarium since the summer before my freshman year of high school!

The dolphin show was wonderful and as I mentioned, Deepika insisted on sitting in the splash zone.

We also cracked ourselves up trying on the dolphin masks in the gift shop.

This morning we grabbed some breakfast at our Farmer’s Market and headed to the Baltimore Museum of Art. For me, the highlight was seeing an orginal Mondrain, which influenced the infamous Yves St. Laurent dress.

“Yves Saint Laurent: ‘Mondrian’ day dress (C.I.69.23)”. In Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2006)

There is also a terrific exhibit on African patterns in art and textile there. Below are the stamps used in the Congo to create prints on fabric.

And what did I get over the weekend? Very little. Some pink pima from G Street for a shirt. The other two prints are for handkerchiefs.

The poly stretch charmeuse below is for my formal! I didn’t forget about the poll. I just needed to sort out what colors. The brown is for the bottom and the blue is for the neckline. Although now that the pattern is in front of me, I *think* I may make the Butterick. The colors I chose may work better for it. We’ll see. Fabrics below are from A Fabric Place in Baltimore.

The silk below is for a BWOF blouse I’ve wanted to make since 2004!

Whew. I’m now going to curl up with the latest US Weekly. Also, this month Deepika has a story in Threads about sari fabrics. I can’t wait to get my hand s on it. Oh! She brought some FABULOUS fabric for me from India. But, I need to photograph it. I’ll do so after I get lost in some mindless celebrity gossip.