For crying out loud, is it summer yet?

I don’t  care, I’m making a summer dress. It was this same time last year that I had an uncontrollable itch to make a summer dress. And, I am. And, it’s the same dress!


I’m going to use these Anna Maria Horner prints from fabricworm. I’ve already altered the bodice pattern from the original to give me some more coverage up top. When I wore it in Panama, my mom asked me where the rest of the dress was. Funny one that mom of mine.

I would be working on my Weekender, but my zipper hasn’t shown up yet. I’m going to call on Monday since I ordered it about two weeks ago.

A couple of you asked why you would move a dart. Since the sloper is used to create a pattern, you might want a side bust dart like you see in blouses. As for the neck dart, I imagine that one was in this dress:

But, instead of sewing it closed, it was folded over to create the neck pleats.


  1. Sewing for summer…it’s like a fantasy. I do like the dress, though — and what’s wrong with the coverage?

    • Honestly, it’s got about three inches of cleavage. Which looks good! But, is too much for a day to day basis 🙂

  2. i love the color palette, it looks similar to a line that was out maybe last summer called Chocolate Lollipop or something like that. an unsual mix of colors that surprising look great together!

    Must be the Baltimore weather, LOL i have started making summer things myself, so i vote go for for the dress!!! and don’t forget the hat for preakness, i am sooo looking forward to a grand crown!!

  3. I made the same dress last year and wore it many times including my class reunion. I saw it on your blog and your pattern review, but I’ve yet to review it myself! When I cut the bodice on the bias in order to get an interesting look from the print, it actually seemed to help the ‘folding over’ process at the top of the halter. And I just cut one size bigger on the halter in order to create a bigger cross over in the front and it worked (I also tacked it together at the meeting point). I don’t have to worry about too much showing and as I’m approaching middle age that’s a good thing!

  4. I like those fabrics. They will make a great dress. Only a mom would have complained about the original; since I’m not your mom, I thought you looked great. Like you, I am only sewing warm weather clothes from now on. I am in winter denial

  5. I have summer sewing on the brain too. Despite the fact that I am still wearing dresses with tights and tall boots.

    Pretty fabrics!

  6. Love the fabrics – working with them will really give you the feeling of Summer! I have started to make clothes thatwill transition into the cooler weather, even though it is still warm here!

  7. Me too, ready to sew summer. But here, we won’t have enough winter left to bother sewing anything more out of wool. Great fabrics choices.

  8. Love the fabrics, can’t wait to see how you combine them. True ‘mom’ words…lol…and they never stop, believe me…lol.

  9. Those fabrics seem like they would go really well together. Perfect summer material (pardon the pun). I am looking forward to your summer dress.

  10. Gorgeous fabrics! Funny, but I’ve been thinking about summer as well — not so much in relation to sewing, but about Hawaiian beaches! Have fun mixing those fabrics!

  11. Oh, I am *so* with you and we’re getting another 6 to 12″ of snow today. I so want to bust out the summer prints and make something short sleeved, light and airy. Maybe I’ll just order some summer fabric instead.

  12. I agree, I have had enough winter. The fabrics are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you make with them. Also just wanted to say thanks for the “Patrones” magazine. Got it in the mail a few days ago and it was so great! My 78 year old Cuban mother LOVED looking at it. She remembers sewing lots of things from Patrones. I’m hoping I can convince my 7 year old to dress up like a can of sardines for Halloween! Thank you!

  13. I just love Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics. It makes me want to quilt. But I don’t want a quilt. I just want to jumble up her fabrics and sew them and fondle them and such.

  14. Just found your blog — how fun!!. Thanks for breaking me out of the winter blues with some signs of spring. Love those fabrics!

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