Woo Hoo!

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First, thank you for all the birthday wishes and compliments on the Creamsicle dress. It occurred to me that the name of the dress might throw off some non-US readers (and my mother).  An orange Creamsicle is a popsicle with ice cream in the middle with frozen fruit juice on the outside. I don’t even like them. But, with the orange and white stripes it totally reminded me of one.  Many of you commented about how happy I looked. This year beat out my 18th birthday for best birthday ever. 


  Second, you did it! Trudy made the cut. Here’s a little note from her: 

To everyone on Miss Celie’s Pants:   

Thank you so much for voting for me – someone who you don’t even know – to help me make a dream come true. I emailed Renee in a panic because I didn’t think I was going to make the top 48 in the contest that she actually told me about. She immediately reached out to you and you pulled through in a huge way! My numbers jumped and I was back in the race. I really cannot thank you enough. Your kindness is immeasurable.   

 Everyone should know this about Renee. If she’s your friend, she is going to go the distance for you. And when she finds out about you, your hopes, your dreams, and what makes you happy, she’ll find ways to help you along the path to happiness.   

I am sure that through this blog she’s been that to many of you as well. You should also know that she is untidy and loses things a lot. Those little annoyances aside, I love her to life.

Thanks again!


She’s right. I lose things all the time and I’m constantly running late. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough.  And, a few years ago I was making the hat above for someone and she kept it! LOL. Its suits her better anyway!  I’ve known her the last seven years and this really is something she’s wanted to do forever. Kind of like my dream of being a catalog copywriter. I don’t know why J.Crew and Anthropologie haven’t called me yet.

Third, the last of the Bunka textbooks are out! This one is ‘Coats and Capes’.  My counterpart in Japan sent the last edition over with a mutual colleague. Again, what’s great about them is they not only have drafting technique, but they also go into very detailed information on how to construct. By far better than the drafting book I used in school last year.  (click on any to enlarge)

And finally, I couldn’t resist this manicure photo. I put this polish on last night and was *immediately* struck by how much it looked like the Chinese brocade I recently received. It’s got irregular shaped red glitter in a semi sheer black base. It’s called ‘Ruby Red Slippers’ from Lippmann Collection (oh. Right. I also bought myself overpriced nail polish for my birthday). 



  1. Creamsicle accurately fits that dress. It’s gorgeous and I loved creamisicles as a kid. Glad Trudy is still in the running. Love reading your blog.

    Take care.

  2. Happy Birthday Cidell – bit late, but still.

    Yes, you do look happy. Very! And all kinds of fabulous in that dress. I hope the happy and the sewing continue all year and beyond!

    Congrats to your friend, good friends are so important. Lucky you have each other!


    Who is rarely late but world class at losing things.

  3. The Bunka college books look like a good investment. I hope that as you use them you’ll also review them for us.
    Beat out your 18th birthday, huh? Good for you.

  4. Actually, I just love creamsicles. I made an orange ice cream that tasted a lot like them. The Bunka books look great, and your new nail polish is pretty!

  5. I’m so glad your friend Trudy made it in. Funny thing, I went through the registration and voting thing yesterday, then got a message saying voting was closed. Instantly, I got bent out of shape wondering why they were trying to get your friend from getting in LOL – crazy right?

    • They ended up keeping voting open until 3 am because of a computer glitch!

  6. I’m so glad she made the cut (LOL… I remember that hat!). Now we clearly need to have a vote in contest for you to do catalog copywriter-ing.
    And… Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love your dress and Creamsicles. In California where I grew up, we called them 50/50 bars. They were my favorite treat from the ice cream truck that came by on summer afternoons.

  8. What a cool blog post. I must say, that nail polish is spectacular on you!

  9. Glad Trudy made it! The polish is gorgeous. I’ve been wearing a batch of CND colours – you choose the base and then choose from a selection or pearl, glitter and opalescent shimmers in various colours. You get all sorts of interesting combinations. You can experiment on their website.
    Sorry I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday! Will we see photos of you in the dress? Oh and while you’re out there buying overpriced nail polish, what about buying yourself some shoes???

  10. I love Creamsicle’s. Everytime I have one it reminds me of being at grandma’s house and the ice cream truck. LOVE the dress. I’m glad Trudy made it. I actually had been voting for a co-workers daughter early on, but she was no where near making the cut of the 48, so I did cast my vote for Trudy. Good Luck to her…she does have beautiful hair (definitely needs to be on some companies box/bottle promoting their hair product).

  11. Ooh, ooh, ooh, I haven’t been reading blogs for the last week, and I guess I missed all kinds of good stuff! The dress is amazing, congratulations to your friend and happy happy happy birthday! (I’m going to catch up in less than two weeks, don’t worry 🙂


  12. Definitely looks like you had an amazing b-day wearing that super cute creamsicle dress! Congrats to your friend, Trudy!



    (consider yourself very, very lucky to not suffer hearing the live version)

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