Pajama Pants (Hers, Not Mine)

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my last dress! I had no idea it would be so popular.  You all are too kind. I’ll have to reconsider making another for winter!

As you know, I don’t really love giving sewing lessons. At least, I thought I didn’t. Turns out when your student is enthusiastic and LISTENS to you, it’s a total pleasure. I think if I ever really give lessons, I’ll make people apply, LOL. I finished my third sewing lesson today with Elizabeth. We sewed the crotch curve to the November 2009 pajama bottoms. She made the casing and hemmed the pants.


I was asked if I was going to charge for lessons (like many of you. I’m asked all the time for lessons). Quite frankly, I owe her. You see, we went to China two weeks after my fairly bad breakup. So, unfortunately she got to travel with me when I was terribly sad, confused and prone to tears in the middle of touring the Forbidden City.  She was a good listener and never told me to just be quiet and eat my lo mein. Trust.  I owe her more than a few sewing lessons.

She was SO EXCITED to finish them. I kept hugging her because I was so proud her her. And, I couldn’t believe how nicely they fit! Not too big at all. I’ve made some pajama bottoms that are voluminous!

She loved them so much she wore them home 🙂 I also unloaded my Sew Stylish magazines on her.

Last night, a year to the day of my last pair I finished my third pair of the No. 131 pants from the 9-2007 Burda. I’ll post photos of them on later this week (they are black in real life).


  1. Teaching someone to sew is the ultimate good deed because they pass it on. She will be making gifts for friends and family in no time and it’s all because you passed the baton. Think of all the extra happiness there will be in the world because of you!

  2. Elizabeth’s new pajama pants are fantastic. Love the fit. Love the fabric. But love the look on her face most of all. Isn’t it great to be able to give something really wonderful to someone, especially when they have given something wonderful to you? And isn’t it amazing how these gifts are almost 100% never material things?

    I loved your shirtdress too.

  3. Teaching sewing to enthusiastic student is so rewarding. You did a wonderful job getting her through her first project. The pajama pants are nice.

    What are you going to teach her next?

  4. Amazing pjs for a first time sewer. She’s a natural with a good teacher. Your pants look great, so do post photos.

  5. I love the look of happiness on your student’s face. And the shot of her leaving in her new pj pants is hilarious! I know what you mean about working with interested people. I have been corresponding with a couple people, via email, about fitting issues. It is so enjoyable to work with a motivated person. A pleasure, really.
    So yes, make them apply, ha ha ha ha !!!

  6. I’m always asked to do mending. Uggh! It is so good to give lessons to someone who wants to sew because I can’t think how many times having someone show me would have cut my learning curve by a lot. Since her first project is wearable and successful she will do more complex things. It is a good thing you have done for her!

  7. The pj pants look terrific. Teaching anything is uplifting when you have students who really want to learn. You’re lucky to have had such a wonderful student!

  8. Awww! Renee gave me the best gift EVER. I am so excited to really get sewing now! Renee’s excitement about sewing is contageous and she really is a phenominal teacher-lots of encouragement and lots of good explanations as to WHY things have to be done a certain way.

    After 10 days with Renee, I REALLY wanted to learn how to sew, and now I can make pajama pants! Going to make at least 20 pairs of these before I do anything else! 🙂

    Renee, I’ll have to thank you everytime I make something. 🙂 Can’t wait to do stuff for my little kiddo.

  9. The pajamas look wonderful but her happiness is what leaps off the page. Sharing your enthusiasm and great spirit is what good teaching is…and it’s also more like coaching someone to keep going when it gets confusing or difficult. Congrats to both of you! My BFFs are sewing girlfriends since they “get it.”

  10. Love flannel pj’s and these are great. They fit beautifully, not too big or small for curling up for a cozy sleep. Good job.

  11. Yay for passing it on! Elizabeth’s pjs look great, and she looks like she is going to go out and buy more flannel. Great job both of you.

  12. Those are good looking pants! Good job! My first project was RAGGEDY though I think I had the same type of grin when I showed my apron off to people.

  13. She did a fantastic job and they fit her perfectly! I am sure she appreciates the time you put into teaching her.

  14. You are an excellent teacher & it looks like you’ve got an excellent student! The pants look great. I wish I had someone to get me going again after all these years away from sewing. 😦

  15. Sorry – I wanted to add that I missed your previous post somehow, but the dress is fabulous & looks amazing on you. While the style may be retro, the fabric makes it totally modern & totally chic. Brava!

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