White House Holiday Tour

Taking a cue from Trena’s trip last year, I had an opportunity to visit the White House to see the holiday decorations set up for the Holidays. I’m saying ‘holidays’. But, really. As a friend pointed out — 45 Christmas trees and one menorah 🙂

I’ve been to the White House a few times over the years for work and school. But, haven’t really taken a tour for fun. So, this was a much more relaxing experience! Except, out scheduled time was 8 a.m. on a Saturday! For those who don’t know, I’m about an hour north of DC. So, I was up at 5:30 a.m. to make sure we got there on time. But, in retrospect, it’s a GREAT time to go. Plenty of parking and as the first group to go through, the crowd isn’t that bad and the three security check points go faster.

We were told before the day that cameras and photos were not allowed. I was *salty* as I had plans on making this the cover of my Christmas card this year. But, when we arrived, they said photos were allowed for the holidays! So, I snapped a few (so-so pics) with my phone.

First, we saw Bo (the Obama dog). Folks, you would have thought the President was walking on the lawn. Like, people went running to the windows and the gate to get a picture of this animal. A friend with me who won’t even pet Linus yelled like the Beatles just landed.

There is a Bo in the White House decor too. I couldn’t tell what it was made from. Maybe yarn?

I loved the White House Gingerbread House. Look at the bottom left of the white house lawn, there is a gingerbread Bo. And, can you see Santa on top of the White House? So stinking cute.

Can I tell you how in awe I was in seeing the Presidential seal?

Here is the State Dining room. They are gearing up for several holiday parties of the next few weeks.

All of the hallway arches are decked out with garland

I went with someone who has a serious admiration for the Kennedys. More so for RFK… but his photo isn’t hanging in the White House. The photo was my idea 🙂

I planned to wear my finished cape. I’d been calling it the White House cape! But, we were SO LATE getting to DC that I just bolted out of the car with my wallet, keys and mobile phone (no bags allowed). I didn’t make anything I’m wearing. The top was purchased from my boss 🙂 I think it’s Alice & Olivia with lace insets. Plaid socks to be festive 🙂

And, on this first day of Hanukkah, here is the menorah (and me taking the photos. heh)

I might make this an annual tradition. My mom wants to come next next year. So, it’ll be Christmas in Baltimore!



  1. How beautiful! I sure wish I could join you and your Mom next year! Thank you for sharing with this of us who couldn’t make it! Great photo of you!

  2. Love the plaid socks! I’ve visited the White, but not during the holidays – I would love to see all of the trees and decorations.

  3. What a great fun thing to do! Such an insight. I can’t believe that gingerbread White House! It’s amazing! I love how you make snow fall over your blog!

  4. Bo is made from pipe cleaners. How do I know this? Because being obsessed with the White House Christmas decorations, I watch the special on HGTV every year where they tell all about how things are made. It was thrilling to watch them transport the gingerbread house that you saw in person and took a pic of being placed in its spot. But I want to know, where is Michelle Obama’s First Lady pic abiding in the White House? Did you see it? Glad you had a good time and sooooooo jealous!

  5. Hurray! I always love seeing photos of this beautiful house. Greensboro, NC is just far enough away that you have to plot and plan a visit to DC. Haven’t been to the White House since 1980, and it was on a crowded public tour. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  6. What fun!Our family did a White House Christmas tour back in the George W.H. days and I’m glad they brought them back after 9/11. Like you I’ve been to the WH a few times and it really does look prettiest at Christmas. Loved the gingerbread house!

  7. Cidell, when you have a minute, you might like to check out the BBC series “The House of Eliott” on youtube.

  8. So very cool. I’m glad they let you take photos after all. And, you should definitely make the trip every year!

  9. Thanks for the photos. It made me laugh about Bo the dog – looks like he even has a body guard as well. That gingerbread house is amazing.

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