Still in Progress: BWOF 9-2003-120

I fear last time I left you with little sense of how my raincoat would look. From the BWOF editorial, I was worried it might look a little too dated. So, here’s another in-progress shot.


As you can see, I’ve done the elasticized waistband and added all the top stitching to the jacket in addition to the pockets. There are supposed to be four rows of elastic at the waist, but, despite making a muslin, I messed that up. Here’s hoping it’ll be fine! I’ve also got the under collar attached. The upper collar will be red like the rest of the jacket.


The pattern calls for leather strips. But, I had this contrast ribbon and wanted to use blue zippers. I think the ribbon helps coordinate the zips and break up all the red.IMGP1435

This jacket is SO SLOW GOING because of all the topstitching. I’ve been using my #10 edgestitch foot for the first pass. Then, I do a second row of topstitching with my #37 patchwork (1/4 inch) foot. Because the fabric moves a little yet doesn’t ease, I used my Bernina even feed walking foot for the casing.

IMGP1433Next: I’ll work on the zipper and easing in the sleeves. I’ll also need (well, want to) nicely finish the facing  edges since the jacket is unlined. I also have this kooky idea of making up a matching rain hat since this doesn’t have a hood. Maybe I’ll just make an old school rain bonnet. I definitely have a pattern that could work (below). I figure I’ll be done in about two or three more weeks at the pace I’m going!



    • LOL! Thank you. I’m already a little nervous that this hat won’t have a brim. So, I’m not sold on View D. Sadly, this whole venture got me looking for more vintage hat patterns. Luckily, most of them are for far more than I would pay!

  1. Wow, you are making such remarkable progress with your coat. I agree with Reana Louise- I agree with view D for the bonnet.

  2. That red is so lush.
    Where I come from we’d say “small-small”, to encourage you. It sorta means “you are doing great, little by little, the task will soon be done”

  3. It may feel slow going, but the results are worth it – this looks so professional. Can’t wait to see the finished version. Rachel ☺

  4. I’m really loving the details – the contrast ribbon, the exposed zippers, the D-rings. Love!!

  5. This is fabulous, and on a rainy day, you will be so cheerful! I had a red raincoat once, and it was a favorite garment.

  6. Oh my, it’s coming along beautifully! This is exactly the point where I would stall out and it would never get finished (which is why I’ve never attempted to make a parka. This will be beautiful!

  7. This is looking great! Love the bright color and the ribbon details! Maybe you’ll have a little fabric leftover for a Linus jacket? 😉

  8. So nice! old school rain bonnet…love it, brings back such fond memories of my grandmother.

  9. Great looking jacket — I love the ribbon treatment. And personally, for the rain bonnet, I’d go with B, actually. That and a pair of funky sunnies and you’d be all Audrey Hepburn.

    • Yes, I’m leaning to view B myself. But, I might do a brimmed hat. I’m not sure what goes best with this style of rain gear yet.

  10. This is turning out to be awesome! I made a light and easy raincoat the same traffic stopping red color, but not as fancied up… it was a water repellent nylon cotton from fabric mart. I drafted a hood because the patterns didn’t have one and I’m a little annoyed that it’s a wee bit small on my giant noggin. But it worked perfectly in the rain today. I love the rain bonnet idea!

    • I bought that fabric too! It’s going to be a rain poncho. I honestly have five outerwear projects in my queue.

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  11. It is looking very profesh and RTW. Keep going and enjoy the process. It’s the journey, not the destination (take my advice, I’m not using it!)

  12. Oh you brave and clever woman! No way would I tackle a coat like this. It’s looks incredible and I love the colour. Now I want one…

  13. Killer rain jacket…I want it! The ribbon just makes it pop and no one will ever imagine that you made it! Love the D-rings and the topstitching…it just looks so professional!

  14. Great job on the rain coat I LOVE the ribbons and the zipper Can’t wait to see the finished jacket 🙂

  15. How is your sewing room working out for you? I know you are happy with your Bernina!

  16. This is coming along nicely! The contrast ribbon was a great idea, looks really sharp. Can’t wait to see the final version.

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