Oldie But a Goodie

I had dinner plans last  night with a boy and wasn’t sure what exactly to wear. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. After consultation with Christina and Leslie I came up with jeans and a top.  I wanted casual but sexy. We weren’t meeting up until 10 p.m. so I wanted a little New York but a lot of me. It’s getting cool at night here, so I wanted sleeves. I needed something easy, so I needed a knit. Enter Burda 5-2002-108.

It's a thin knit so it looks kinda wrinkly, but in person it's nice and casual

It’s not meant to be worn pulled over the hips like I do below. But, when I wore it like I did last night (above) it looks kind of sloppy in the photos

The pattern is made up of four pieces with cut on sleeves. My fabric is from Jomar in Philly and was about $2 a yard.

You get the look of a wrap without using up all that fabric. I love it as it’s kind of geometric but simple.

The color above is closest to real life color. I didn’t hem the waistband or the sleeves. I just don’t believe in it for casual knits 😉 Total project time, under two hours. All construction on the serger with top stitching of the neckline on my sewing machine.

Here’s the back, similar with a less deep V

Slightly lower than I would normally wear for someplace like work. But, it was for a possible date and we were going to have the flush out his intentions early. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.


  1. Love that top. It fit the bill perfectly in terms of your goals for the top. How did the night go???? Oh and I love the new hair color!

  2. And so, was it a date????

    Cute top, good choice for the event and it goes great with your hair! I REALLY like your hair like that!

  3. Nice top! It’s also nice to see you sewing/blogging again, even if it may be temporary.

  4. Great to see you back, glad the date went well – hope you managed to flush out his intentions – if that top didn’t do it then don’t know what will Lol!
    Love the style – how great to have a wrap look without the wrap! They always feel bulky but this looks like the perfect solution!

  5. Great jersey top. Love the all in one sleeves and necklines. Most of all I’m lovin your new hair colour…wow! Hope you had a fabulous evening.

  6. Love the hair, love the top . . . the red color suits you perfectly! Hope the evening was fun, but you know that you can’t leave us hanging! Status report, please!

  7. I like that top, too. I made one several years ago from a wool knit. You may have noticed that the grain line on the sleeves of this top is different on the right and left sleeves. My knit shrunk more in one direction than the other, so there ended up being a huge difference in the sleeve lengths. Watch out for that.

  8. V. cute top on you. You do good with knits; me, not so much. Love the new hair color, it’s saucy!

  9. This is super cute!!! I’ve gone straight to Ebay Italy (Which has more Burdas for some reason) and ordered an English version of this issue. Any type of knit that doesn’t involve setting in sleeves is a winner!

  10. Another one joins the red-headed league – excellent!!

    Great top too, I’m so needing stuff like that. I still have garments I want to make from my first issue of 11/99.

    I think a neat variation of this one would be to have a mirrored style line on the other side of the front. I know it would negate the ‘faux-wrap’ look, but I think it could be cool as a style idea of its own.

  11. I like that you used the same color over all and didn’t go with contrasting prints. It looks very smart! My first real date with Hans didn’t start until after 11 PM! I don’t think either one of us it up to that anymore. I do hope you had a nice evening.

  12. I love those glasses! So, how’s your love life (she says as she ducks)?
    Blouse is awesome. I think I’ve lost the ability to see what a pattern could look like in different fabric.

  13. Don’t you look lovely! Perfectly on-pitch too for a little night out, Leslie and Christine are great advisers.

  14. Cute top. Like the red too. I’m a bit (a mile) behind and am trying to catch up both in blogland and actual sewingmachineland

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