Four Skirts in Four Days, Part IV!: Burda 6-2009-104 Wrap Skirt

I actually finished this skirt months ago and didn’t get a chance for photos or to blog. After writing this post ages after completing the garment, I realize I am *boring* when an article isn’t fresh on my mind! So, I apologize now for the rudimentary post. I’m just fuzzy on the finer points after all this time. What happened to my memory? I used to recall conversations verbatim. Now, I write notes to myself so I can remember what people said to me. While we’re talking about getting older. I’ve been obsessed about these laugh lines around my mouth lately. I was almost relieved when I saw some forgotten photos of me from 10+ years ago with the same lines. Turns out I didn’t care in my 20s. Only in my 30s did they stand out 🙂

Enough of that. Back to the skirt! The flash washed the color of the skirt out a bit so I’m posting it below with no flash.

 It’s a strawberry cream seersucker. I *think* I bought it at Metro Textiles last year. But, I honestly don’t remember! See, again with the memory thing! The cream buttons are from A Fabric Place here in Baltimore.

This Burda 6-2009-104 skirt sucked me in by two elements: double row of buttons and seersucker. I am so totally predictable. Make it a trench, vest, cape or seersucker and I’m all in.

The line drawing shows it looking fairly straight, but I found on me it was a little a-line. This could have been for the additional width I added at the thighs.

The buttons on the front are mostly decorative as this is a wrap skirt with a side zipper.

There’s a slit on the inside for walking.

Ummm, I’ve worn the skirt bunches. But, I dont’ love it on me. It’s slightly too small with no room to let out. I had to do a lot of futzing with fit. After completion, I actually took the waist in two more times before it was wearable.

Despite adding about 2 inches of width in the thigh, it’s still about 1/2 inch snug. I also made a full seat adjustment in two places to accommodate for my swayback and full seat and it’s not quite enough (or smooth based on this photo!).

You can see the skirt still sits a scootch higher at the center front. The center back seam isn’t really centered on me and the side seams are off because of all my adjustments (and my full forward thighs).

Overall, I’m meh. It’s a nice staple and certainly adds to the work wardrobe. But, it’s not top garment for 2011. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it, but I don’t know if I would make it again. I think I need to make a simple pencil skirt and make some decisions on the best skirt style for me.


  1. I think the skirt’s very cute, so I’m bummed to hear that it doesn’t fit as well (around your bum!) as you’d like it to. I also like the A-line look on you, so do you think you might try the pattern again now that you know where you’d tweak it?

  2. I agree with Samina, I’d definitely give it another try. Once you get it to where it fits the way you want, I think you’ll love it. I mean, those details are too fabulous to not want to try again. Ugh, and memory? I’m 27, and mine’s been gone for at least 5 years……

  3. Hello! I lurk on your blog and love your creations. I also have to do full thigh and swayback adjustments, and have found that I really like princess-seam pencil skirts. For me, they give the most options for adjustment right where you need it. I love the one I made from V1169. I don’t have a pattern review up yet, but will soon.
    The seersucker skirt is cute, though!

  4. Had to laugh about the laugh lines: I thought my eyelids were drooping then saw the same thing in decade-old pics. No matter how well I age, I’m still aging :/

  5. You look so pretty in these pictures! It’s not until I read all the words that I start to see any issues with the skirt. I just went ahead and mostly ignored the stuff you said and continued enjoying how pretty the skirt is and how nice it looks on you.
    congrats on the primary, too!

  6. I love seersucker too, its such a comfortable and reliable summer fabric. It does does bag out though and I think its just the nature of that fabric to do that. I think seersucker works best as a dress, jacket or top instead of a skirt. The baggy nature of seersucker may may be part of the problem.

  7. I tried to make that skirt, but had less success than you. For some reason, despite cutting my usual BWOF size, it was way too small. I hadn’t noticed any of the issues you have with it, but I guess we all have things in our wardrobes which we think are OK but not great…

  8. Seersucker is great – a no iron wonder fabric that sews well. Love the clean lines of the skirt and it looks great with the pastel blouse.

  9. This skirt does look lovely, and I was thinking, ooh, what a great pattern for me (being self centred) until I read your trouble list. Would you mind saying how you altered for thigh addition? Was it at the side seams, or did you add width width with cut and pivot within the front?

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