Kid’s Pajamas / Pyjamas

I’m home from work today because of the ‘frankenstorm’ called Hurricane Sandy. That gave me some extra time to finish the children’s pajamas (made from a 10/2006 and 12/2007 Burda). But, with Joann fabric closed, I couldn’t go back for another yard of material to fix the back of the sleepers before the mom needs them. I emailed her and explained and she was pretty gracious.


Let me be clear. If these were for me, I couldn’t care less. But, when you are making for other people, you want it to look as nice or better than what one could get from a store. Thank you for the sympathy and the laughs in your comments.

As I mentioned, my friend is surprising her kids with a trip to Disney. I think they are aged 10, 5 and 8 months.


Sigh. Again, these things happen! I’ll ask for a photo with them on. But, she may not be a fan of her children on social media.

Overall, these were super easy (other than the operator error and being short on material). I remember now why these are such a great beginner project.

I haven’t been to Disney World in 25 years. Maybe I should suggest that the next time I visit my parents in Tampa.

As for the storm. My only real fear is my basement flooding  (edited to add: Crap. Basement is flooding. I’m glad I moved my fabric! I bought a Wet Vac last year for Hurricane Irene and there wasn’t a drop of water in the basement. As long as I have power, I’ll keep it dry. I vaguely regret not getting the free sandbags the City was giving away). I  have a gas stove and gas heat / water heater if I were to lose power. But, a flooding basement is a colossal PITA. I moved my fabric to higher ground and charged my e-reader. I’m set.

Linus on the other hand. We had a walk this morning that was more of me dragging him along for 20 mins in the cold and rain. He had no interest in doing his business (edited to add: Ummm, dog owners. I cannot make this dog ‘go’. It’s been 18 hours. And now I don’t want to go outside.) I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when it snows…


  1. Really cute PJ pants, and nice of you to see for a friend!
    I had no idea you had a Tampa connection. I live in Tampa – did you grow up here? Our weather is perfectly, beautifully, amazing today.

    I hope you are able to avoid flooding. I know what a colossal PITA that is. In fact, 4 years ago today, our then brand new to us home flooded – from the upstairs to the downstairs. Ugh. Gives me hives thinking about it! Stay safe!

  2. Its bad im in bmore county

    On Monday, October 29, 2012, Miss Celie’s Pants wrote: > Miss Celie posted: “I’m home from work today because of the ‘frankenstorm’ called Hurricane Sandy. That gave me some extra time to finish the children’s pajamas (made from a 10/2006 and 12/2007 Burda). But, with Joann fabric closed, I couldn’t go back for another yard of mat” >

  3. I am north of Philly and we are seeing some problems already but I know the worst will come later. If you are off work, you are somewhere in the line of fire too. Be careful! The PJs are adorable. I just love the step-down sizing of them! Hope you get a lot of sewing done, but most of all, stay in, stay dry and stay safe.

  4. I thought I’d reply before Sandy/Frankenstorm causes us to lose power. Stay safe, above all. Meanwhile, I am sorry for the frustration you feel regarding your pajama project, but honestly, it is so comforting and encouraging to me, that you, expert that you are, sometimes make a mistake even when the project is not difficult.By the way, those PJs are really cute.

  5. I think that the PJ’s turned out just fine, if it’s on the back (and no one points it out as a flaw), those kids probably aren’t going to notice/care. Glad to hear the mom was OK with it, even though I know it’s hard to let it go as the seamstress.

    I live in the central plains (AKA Tornado Alley), so I’m no stranger to storms and no power, at least you don’t need to fill a bucket with water to flush your toilet with and a bunch of pitchers to have something to drink! 😉 Anyway, stay safe, hopefully your basement will stay dry, I know how much I HATE cleaning the carpets afterward.

    • I’ve been meaning to ask… I’ve never lost water. Why do people fills tubs? I’m not sure what electric / power has to do with water. Then again,I chose not to get sandbags when they were free for the taking.

      • Because some people’s water pumps are tied to the power, when the power goes out the pumps stop working. A tub full of water allows you to flush toilets without using precious drinking water. BTW, my tub is full though we have loads of water in the garage.

      • It’s true- if your city has a water tower or water source on a hill, your water is gravity-fed and a power outage doesn’t affect it. If your water needs pumps (certainly if you have a well) and the power goes out, the faucet stops a-flowin’.

      • The pump and electricity thing is true. But flooding often compromises water quality, if only by sewage contamination. And you can last weeks without food, but only days without water. So it’s better to be able to drink from your tub after a natural disaster than to hope the army shows up in time with water trucks..
        Looks like you’ve been right in the path of the hurricane. Hopefully you’ve been able to putter around happily, cutting more pjs or something, and the basement has stabilized? Hopefully you’re just without power? Do let us know when you emerge, please..

        • Unless you live in a municipality that supplies water, you get your water from a well. No electricity = no pump = no water. I don’t know why people in cities fill bathtubs, but we fill any vessel we can find with water, for a big storm. I wash and fill all my gallon milk jugs with water, and store them on the basement stairs. Need it to drink, to wash, to flush, and to heat on the woodstove to cook.

  6. PJ’s are great! My little poodle hates the rain but loves to play in the snow. As far as personal affairs are concerned, my husband has to shovel out a small area by the back door. Just as quirky as people.

  7. Love the jammies, love Linus’s sweater. Did you knit it? If so, where did you get the yarn? I would love to knit one for my granddog, who lives with me. OK, if you must be technical he lives with my son and daughter-in-law, who live with me. He looks just like Linus, only pink. He needs sweaters to stay warm even inside in the winter.

    The jammies are fine. If the 10 yo is a boy, he’ll think the upside down Mickies are cool, better (more ironic, donchoono) than right-side up would be.

  8. My doxie hates going out to do her stuff in inclement weather. Linus will have to go eventually, and I hope it is not in your house.

  9. I seem to remember that this is Linus’ first year with you. It’a whole period of adjustment He’ll take his cues from you and you’ll take clues from him.

  10. Sorry to hear about your flooded basement, I’m glad that you were able to move your fabrics out of harm’s way. You and Linus stay safe and dry okay! And keep us posted!

  11. I feel your pain. Water started coming up through our basement floor a couple of hours ago. Squishy carpet is so not fun. Glad you got the stash out of the way. Mine’s in tupperwares in the garage, but I’ve been feverishly sewing up a pretty witch costume for my daughter (DONE!) and a cobra for my son – you know, in case we get to go Trick-or-Treating at all. As for Linus, I’m not sure what to suggest. I opened up the door to let my dogs out this morning, and if they could have shot me the bird, they would have. I think this is one of those times you just have to make allowances for accidents that might happen. My guys are kind of weirded out; Linus might be, too. This is also when I’m really glad we don’t have one of those really sloped driveways some people in the neighborhood have.

    Stay dry and safe. Here’s to the power staying on!

    • I was going to email and ask how you were fairing! Mine is definitely just coming up through the floor. If you need my wet vac or shop fan on Wednesday, let me know! “if they could have shot me the bird, they would have.” <– Had me LAUGHING out loud. I don't even want to go out now. So, in the kitchen (with ceramic tile) he stays.

      • Same goes here. I have a steam vac if you need it (that’s what I’m using to suck all of this slop out of my carpet, in a seriously one-sided battle), or a shop vac. And booze. I’ve got that too, if needed. Kind of a necessity in situations like this. 🙂 Yup, mine nailed the dining room floor this morning. I couldn’t really blame him. Idon’t wan to go out, either!

  12. The PJs are cute! (I had to look really closely to figure out what was wrong with them, btw. I’m sure the kids will love them anyway!)

    You’ve already got the coats for the dog, but you might want to get or sew some booties for Linus. I’ve made them for several friends whose little dogs had accidents in the house when they refused to stay outside long enough to do their business in cold weather. 😉

    • So, a friend with a chihuahua told me her dog won’t walk on cold concrete. I have some shearling. Maybe I’ll make him some. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Hope you & Linus stay warm and dry! There has been a huge amount of news coverage of ‘Sandy’ here in Australia. Take care & keep sewing 😀

  14. My sister’s boston terrier has been known to walk on only his front paws in the snow… that’s right, it’s exactly what you are imagining. Take care and good luck with the weather.

  15. Sorry to hear about your basement…the power staying on is my prayer too! Hope you get an answer about Linus and finally the Jammie’s are adorable!

  16. I’m watching the morning news here in Sydney about Hurricane Sandy and checking in on all of my favourite bloggers to see how everyone is coping. I hope your basement makes it through without too much damage, and poor Linus – I wouldn’t want to go outside in that weather either!

  17. Put the newspapers down for Linus. It’s a training opportunity! An out of the way corner, maybe in the kitchen or the bathroom. Give him plenty of room. Allow for errors. 🙂

    Cute, cute pajamas. Lucky children!

  18. Yikes, I’m so sorry about the flooding! My dogs are the same way about rain and really hate to go. I usually just drag them around until we’re all wet, cold, and annoyed! Luckily, they actually like to pee in the snowdrifts!

  19. I hope you’re safe and stay that way. I’m from the subtropics and well used to getting flooded in. Keep your food stocked, keep your candles and flashlights handy and be patient. To make pets pee you can stroke their ‘bits’ with a cotton ball soaked in warm water. It simulates the licking motion their mother made when they were tiny and still in the nest, as it were.

  20. Glad to here you were okay with the storm. I’m just outside NYC and don’t have a clue when I’ll be able to get back to work.

    As for your dog – the booties will be great in the winter for the paws. Even if they don’t mind the cold, the salt used on the sidewalk to melt ice really effects them. Also, my dog never wanted to go out in the cold. She used to go to the door and if it was raining hard or snowing she would just turn around and go back into the house. During one storm she didn’t leave the house for over 12 hours. When she finally had to go, she let us know.

    Good luck.

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