Sewy Rebecca: Conquering the Scalloped Band

In my last bra post, I said I needed to get up to five new bras this year. Well, I’m just about there now with the addition of these two bras. Both are made from the Rebecca pattern by Sewy (a German company) and kits from Summerset on Etsy.

 photo file_zps5fea864b.jpg

I did try this brown combo once before in a too small size.

 photo file_zps11224762.jpg

The brown lace is from Etsy and the white lace with yellow accents from dear Hilde when I went to Amsterdam two years ago.

What’s different about these two bras? I’ve finally conquered the scalloped band that I’ve dreamt of using guidance from Sigrd’s blog.

 photo file_zpsb220b126.jpg

On the yellow version, I just did the bridge with a scallop. Not a mirror image. The lace only came in one direction.

 photo file_zps00ab56fa.jpg

On the brown, the entire front underband has the scallop. Hmm, I should have used brown thread on the lace bits, eh?

 photo file_zps9e917306.jpg

Something else I’m doing different with my bras is using this super narrow elastic from etsy when I reinforce the upper cup instead of clear elastic.  I think it’s 1/8 inch and is also sold as elastic for ‘baby headbands’.

 photo file_zpsaeb65fed.jpg

The other thing with my bras (and why I like to sew my own) is that I have an extremely narrow bridge. You can see in these photos below that my underwire casing actually overlap (double click to enlarge).

 photo file_zps34ad7505.jpg

I’m very very pleased with these two bras. What’s next for me and bras? I have one more cut out in pink from Etsy lace.

 photo file_zps7f9cb052.jpg

And two more kits waiting in the wings. My new goal is to get two week’s work of bras (worn twice each).

 photo file_zps4da3ae0e.jpg

Thanks for all the tips and advice regarding the sheer interfacing (known to me as ‘tulle’ via Sigird). Orange Lingerie has a stash of it and kindly offered to send me a bit. So, this year I’ll tackle some more sheer style bras. I’m not a huge fan of the exposed satin in the lower cup. Snags too easily.

There may be some clothes coming again from my sewing machine, lol. I’ve been really absorbed at work and can only handle smallish projects now. But, I need a dress for a graduation in May. And, over Memorial Day I’m officiating my second wedding for dear friends of mine. So, I need to get on the stick.


  1. They are gorgeous! I had not thought about the bridge, but it would be better for me if it were narrower than RTW as well. I am going to have to learn to make bras!

  2. What a great goal to have a complete bra wardrobe 🙂 These two are so pretty. I am still too scared to try making them.

  3. Love these bras they are beautiful. I want to try and start making mine. I saw they you purchased your kit on Etsy. Can you give the URL because i can not find it.


  4. Me too! Needing to overlap the bridge that is. Only Fayreform Coral seems to have it in RTW here in Oz.


  5. The more I look at your bra work, the more I learn. They all look great and you’ve made them work beautifully.

  6. If the satin is snagging for you, you might try a cotton/silk blend. I paid $19 a yard for mine, but in is lush feeling and has wash-ability of cotton, the luxury of silk. You do have to use a ballpoint needle.

      • No, it’s a woven with a polished finish. The cotton gives the silk a bit more body. It was wonderful to sew with, and I think I’ll try a blouse with this fabric. Lightweight for summer. I just finished a bra out of this fabric. The cups and band are all woven, no stretch. I lined everything and this feels soooo good next to my skin. I’m going to have to change the straps. They are slipping right off my shoulders do to the sheen of the fabric.

  7. Oooh, they look great! I’m so pleased you like the lace and are making such beautiful things with it. And two years ago already, how time flies.
    I was sure I left a comment on your recent blog post about the job and the guy, but don’t see it anymore. It’s great to see you’re so well!

  8. Very nice! I always amaze when I see other sewer sewing their own bras and panties. I make everything else but not those. Great job!

  9. I am loving all the bra making that you have going on!
    I just sent you some of the nylon sheer fabric that I call “cup lining” for you to try out. I am in New York later this week and will see if I can source something similar there.

  10. These are so pretty! Do you have any expectations as to how long they’ll last? My bras are always a wreck within a couple of years.

    I love reading about making lingerie, even though I’m not nearly good enough at sewing to be able to do it myself. We need more of this kind of thing on Kollabora, the online crafting community I work for.

    • I think bras wont really last more than a year. Given how close to the body with oils and heat and they are elastic. They will just break down. I think the lingerie sewing community would welcome bar kits! Personally, I hate picking the stuff out.

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