Sewy Rebecca: Valentine’s Day Edition

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So, I’m a month and one holiday too late. I thought I’d get this sewn in time for Valentine’s Day and at least inwardly celebrate the day. But, alas, I lost my mojo. I was lucky it came back in a spurt Friday night after meeting up with Norma of Orange Lingerie who is in town. After picking her brain about her custom lingerie sewing and asking questions about her upcoming book, I couldn’t wait to get home and sew some lingerie.

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This is my TNT Rebecca Sewy. I cannot get over how pretty my bras are now! I’m still experimenting with the all lace cup. I did ask her about ways I could go more sheer since I’m currently using lace, powernet and lycra in my lower and side cups. I’m going to be working on that sooner or later methinks.

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I’ve got my next bra already cut out. I’m going to play with some lace placement for interest. Hoepfully, a scalloped bridge. I would like to have five bras in rotation so I can retire my RTW ones that I got a few years ago. So, at least three more bras this year.

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I’m sure you all heard my scream when Google Reader announced they were closing. I’ve switched to Feedly for my blog reading. I like that I can add blogs with a double click in Safari and Chrome. It imported all my feeds and bookmarks from reader. And I don’t have to sort out what ‘Follow me on Bloglovin’ means.I like that you can chose the format your feeds show up in (this is ‘magazine’). ย Finally, it syncs across the multitude of mobile devices I read blogs with.

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  1. You’re right, your underwear is looking totally fabulous these days :-)! But lycra AND powernet AND lace is way too much for a cup. Imagine what that’d feel like in the summer. Do you have some of that stable lining from elingeria? Just that and lace will do, eliminates stretch very effectively. At most powernet. No more than 2 layers is ever needed anywhere.

  2. WOW! Your bras just keep getting more beautiful. I am so impressed, really. If I had bras this pretty, I would be tempted to flash everybody! I keep looking for sources of lingerie supplies in the US, but I can’t find anything of this quality. Bummer.

  3. I need to check out where I’m going with Reader closing up — my biggest is to read my blogs on my tablet & my phone (both Android) — I probably read my blogs more on my tablet than any other device.

    • This was my dilemma too. I read on my Android phone, my iPad and my computer. I used to also read more on my work issued Blackberry, but it was just too slow, lol. I liked Flip Pad for my iPad, but it didn’t work for anything else. So, Feedly got my vote.

      • I switched to Feedly too – same reason, and I add in a school computer on the RARE lunch I have a minute to read. So far, seems to work well.
        Love your lingerie!

  4. I really like the non stretch sheer cup lining from Bramaker’s Supply. Unfortunately they mentioned to me that once their stock is gone it may not come back, so I found an alternative fabric from the Etsy seller Merckwaerdigh. She is very quick to ship and has many different colors in stock, though you have to PM her as she doesnt list it in her shop. If you want something opaque and very supportive under the lace Duoplex is a great option.

  5. Such a pretty bra!

    I screamed too when I saw that Google reader was closing. Sigh. Trying Bloglovin for now, but I don’t think anything will replace Google reader in my heart.

  6. So pretty! All these great looking and well fitting bras make me want to try it out too. How great to have a solid TNT pattern to go back to!

  7. Gorgeous bra and thanks for the link to Feedly! I’m using Bloglovin’ right now, but I’m not opposed to other options. Especially if I only have to double-click,

  8. Gorgeous bra!!! Lucky you meeting Norma! Thanks for the Feedly heads up. Google is really not nice for doing this.

  9. Love the bra! Your work is so inspiring.

    I’m trying Feedly for now, too, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to add blogs. I can add some but not others and there doesn’t seem to be any logic to it. I’m finding it quite frustrating.

  10. The lace is amazing! There are so many bras in blogland that I was inspired to buy my own pattern to try it out. Hopefully not as finicky as it appears.

  11. Hey, love the bra – how do you like the strap placement? Do they slip? I usually have my back straps very close to center back to keep them from slipping off my shoulder. Love the look of this bra – you’re going to love having all your own stuff – problem is, you probably won’t go back to RTW after this!

    • I think I changed the strap placement *slightly* from the very first time I made this. I have narrow shoulders. So, I think I changed the way the side bust lays so I could angle the strap more toward me / center. But, these def don’t slip ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like to get to the point where I can make a slip with a built in bra! I will never go back to RTW bras for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ No more industrial beige and white for me!

  12. So exciting! I’ve been curious about sewing my own bras but it all seems so overwhelming. I look forward to seeing this book when it comes out! And BTW, your bra looks amazing!

  13. Just finished sewing a bra and undies set from Kantje Boord (It’s all your fault!!! Tee, hee) I’ve been to Amsterdam three times now and each time rode the #13 tram from central station out to the store. Am planning another trip!!! I use the Shelley bra pattern from Bra Maker’s supply in Hamilton and it is stupdendous, I also have adapted it to fit a prosthesis pocket for my left side and it is wonderful.ย  I love your blogs Miss Celie.

  14. Gorgeous! I don’t actually mind “industrial beige” – it kinda matches my skin, so doesn’t show if my blouse happens to be of thinner-than-I-like material. But a bra that really fits . . . I am truly thankful to have discovered Minimizers, but even they aren’t . . . quite . . . there. Oh, and cotton (or linen) for the cups and band would be so nice in the summer. I may have to join the lingerie-sewing world.

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