Black Knit Double Tee: Burda 8-2010-112

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I’m almost a little embarrassed to even blog this basic knit tee shirt. But, I’ve discovered if I don’t blog it, I almost can’t keep track of what I’ve made and what worked / didn’t.  And, I think I may have found a basic TNT tee shirt pattern.  Besides, I always like a layered look and had long admired this tee from BWOF.  And, after my last knit top, I thought I should try something more along the guidelines for my body type. I figured with a FBA, darts and the right amount of ease, this double tee top from Burda would work.

Also, photos are a little soft. Jordan bought me a new camera and some lens for Christmas and I’m still playing around with it 🙂

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For my version,  I sewed a 40 grading to a 46 starting at my waist. I used two cotton interlock knits from my stash in black and light grey. While a lot of people are trying to incorporate color into their wardrobe, I’m always trying to put in solid neutrals. And, since I wear jeans nearly every single day now, I thought this top provided interest but is still casual.  Essentially, the pattern is one sleeveless top attached to a long sleeve top. I joined mine at the armscyce and tacked it down in the shoulder seams. I decided to shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length to limit the expansion of fabric. Other alterations? I shortened the shoulder seam by almost 1/2 an inch. Next time, I’ll also make a sloping shoulder adjustment.

 photo DSC_0145_zpsc1798eb1.jpg

The oringal is dartless. So, I did a 1.5 inch FBA and added a dart. A dart you can’t see because I’m wearing black and taking photos indoors. Winter = ten degrees out today.

 photo DSC_0136_zps9b73193b.jpg

I also made a 1.25 inch swayback adjustment. It looks like I could use a hair more.

As for length, these days  I like things to end just about my widest part to create a longer line. Some examples of how it looks different were it to be hemmed at various lengths:

 photo DSC_0121_zpsf4fec7e9.jpg

I think this shows my widest part are my thighs and not my hips. Even though my hands are covering my *actual* hip.  So… no more waist length tops for me I think.

 photo DSC_0122_zps9a5a6922.jpg

This ends right above my widest part (just below my hip line). I think it is a better than waist level.

 photo DSC_0124_zps49a7b9de.jpg

And this is the length I used. Here, I’m pointing to my widest part. I also think next time, I’ll lower the center of the necklines of both by 1/4 – 1/2 inch. Hmm, which means I think you’ll be seeing me in this pattern again.

I was a little bored taking photos and started doing moves from Beyonce’s 7/11 video. Because, Beyonce (I would have done number #10, but I don’t have any red Solo cups).

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Thanks for all the feedback on my last post. I have more comments and folks I’d like to respond to. I think there was an amazing exchange of ideas and some viewpoints I hadn’t considered. I’m always happy when we can talk about sewing outside of the craft and in a civilized, balanced manner.


  1. It’s always nice when I see anyone talking about anything in a balanced and civilized manner these days. Everything seems so hyperbolic! I like this tee on you. And the fit is good! The only suggestion I would make is to put a dark color on the very bottom of the top. A lighter color calls attention to our widest parts (mine, too!). The tunic length is good for your figure, I think. I’m glad you have maybe found a TNT! It’s 8 degrees here, but what is a couple of degrees? LOL

    • I was *just* going to edit to add, “And please tell me if the bottom should be black instead of grey”. Thanks!!

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  2. cute top!! 2015 is looking up if you’re already found a good top pattern for knit. I think the 1st length change, landing at the middle of your zipper, looks best. personally, i think the tunic-length only flatters if it’s boxy not fitted.

  3. Renee, this is a great silhouette on you. It really shows off your shape! No need to be embarrassed to blog this, it’s more about the process of finding what works than the complexity of the garment. I’m happy you did blog this top, b/c I really like the neckline & general shape of the top. Off to find that pattern…

  4. This is a really lovely basic shirt for your wardrobe! I love how the tunic length flatters your shape and I really like the layered look. Sewing basics, while not as exciting as a ball gown, are great! I think often bloggers don’t write about them, but I love reading reviews of “cake” patterns just as much as the “frosting.”

    I love that Beyonce video. Although, I love everything Beyonce. 🙂

  5. I love your new tnt Burda t top! It really shows off your hourglass figure! I wonder if you made it with a darker under layer how it would look. As usual, you made another beauty to add to your wardrobe. I am going to need to find this pattern for myself.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think I’d be a little happier if the light grey underneath was more muted. Or, an actual color. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  6. Yay for older BWOF!! I have mine back to 2004 and I truly think they were a lot more creative then than they are now, though that is MHO. Great teeshirt; I’ll have to go look through my issues to see if I have that one because my widest part is like your widest part.

  7. I think this looks great on you and is super flattering! The length is perfect – I think you nailed what looks best on your figure.

  8. Don’t be embarrassed at all about posting simple T’s! I think it’s such BS that people don’t post ‘boring’ staples that actually get worn everyday. The top looks good – I hadn’t realized how much of a difference the length makes. I agree with Becky’s comment that it looks best without the gray peeking out at the hemline.

    I sincerely enjoyed reading your previous post and all the comments…I don’t have a firm opinion on the issue yet, but, like you, learned some new viewpoints. I particularly liked the idea of pattern testers being paid by a third-party (a la Consumer Reports).

  9. I have the hardest time deciphering what flatters me when it comes to length. I’m essentially the same shape as you (seriously, you’re my thinner body double), and I’m now convinced that that hem length is the way to go. It looks fabulous and now I am inspired! Thank you!

  10. I’m glad you posted a ‘basic’ blog on this too. We curvy girls are challenged with fitting in every area. So finding a great T the doesn’t just cover you up, that’s something worth sharing. It looks great, and you’ve got the right length too.

  11. I’m always on the lookout for a simple tee pattern, who doesn’t need a whole boatload of plain tees? I do, always, they get holes in them, get snagged on things, get faded, etc. I go trough a dozen a year, at least. The fit on you is GREAT, and I agree about pinching out just a tich at the back waist. Length is lovely! All in all, agree with everyone that a good basic is totally worth posting, and points out that even basic things look better when they’re fitted to your own body. Easy to disregard!

  12. usually too lazy for burda tracing but bought this issue when I saw this layered tee pattern. I forgot about it over time so was really glad you made it. I love the longer length with the jeans and the boots. It is so cute and on trend. If I were you I’d wear this lots as it is really cute on you.

  13. This is so timely – I realised I need to stock up on layering tees but I want really nice ones that fit my shape and height. We are similarly blessed so if I don’t draft my own, this would be a good alternative.

    I think it looks great

  14. That’s a cute shirt. Sometimes I’m looking for basics with no details. And this is a perfect basic scoop neck tee.

  15. I really, really like this! It’s really nice to have some details to keep tees from being too boring, and this layered look is really cute without the bulk of actually wearing two garments. I really like it on you!

  16. Looks great, I think you picked the perfect length for you and I like the shaping it has too which I guess comes from morphing the sizes and keeping the waist closer fitting.

  17. Very cute, looks great and stylish on toy…thin lowering neckline is a good idea….my clothing group and I were just discussing how Burda patterns are printed…any tips to simplify them?

    • Sorry for typos…that should be…..stylish on you…..think lowering neckline is good idea!…. Tips to deal with Burdas crazy pattern printing?!

      • Sadly, no. The last several years I have found Burda just unbearable. Especially now that I need reading glasses. I think I’m going to save up for a lightbox to make things easier on me. I have heard of people using highlighters to mark the lines before they trace. But, I’ve not tried that yet. The other thing I do when it’s a complicated pattern is put the tracing paper on top and use a tracing wheel to impress the pattern on to the paper.

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  18. Love the length on you and I’d happily read about each future rendition of this basic. Why? Because each piece of fabric brings its own challenge which means there’s something new to be learned!

  19. I’m so happy you posted this. I’m getting ready to make my very first tee. Im brew to serging and cannot get enough of it.

    We have a very similar figure and my favorite shirts lay Just like yours. They are so hard to find ready made. Thats why I decided to sew my own. I’m not good enough to play with grading and special darts so please don’t feel like you shouldn’t post something cuz it was easy for you. *grin* I gobbled it up!

    This shirt is adorable on you and you did a great job!

  20. Looks darling. You’ll get miles out of this pattern and you figured out how to make it perfect for you! Nice work.

  21. I was wearing a too short t shirt yesterday and kept tugging it below my tummy all day long. Your new T is wonderful with perfect adjustments. I cherish my older BWOF issues and consider them another underutilized resource.

  22. T shirt looks great! The length is perfect, I will definitely try taking pictures of different length to determine what is best for my shape. It is always nice to have a great TNT pattern.

  23. I like the longer length. I’m finding I’m kind of over shorter length tees too–especially when it IS 10 degrees outside.

  24. I second Andrea’s statement – it’s not about the complexity of the garment, but the journey of finding the right fit. I enjoy reading your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t and why. I’m on your team and vote for the tunic length.

  25. I love that top! When I say I want to make all my own clothes, this is what I’m talking about! Real things. I need to buy my knits online – can you tell me what I should look for to make knit tops like this? Seems like I always get something too thick, or with no stretch, or too thin…..

  26. I love your blog. It’s hard to find THE perfect tee. I think this one looks great on you, minus the light colored layer at the bottom. It really calls attention to the widest part of your body and cuts your body off right there. The one with the light color folded under looks perfect.

  27. I’m glad you posted a basic knit tee. Great length on you too! Sometimes I see all the gorgeous dresses, etc. that people are blogging and it makes me want to make those. But since I have my own business in a studio on my property, I dress casually now most of the time. So I need to sew functional with a little bit of flare thrown in for kicks!

  28. Hi Renee,
    I have what I think are three tie silks that a friend just gave to me via her stash purge (at least I think they are silk according to a burn test). I remembered that you’ve been making Jordan ties and I thought you might want them? They are royal blue w/small gold diamond, royal blue w/small green diamond and deep red with small charcoal small (all reversible).
    My email is on my blog (a ways down on the right side – message me on facebook) if you are interested and I’ll send you a pic.
    -trumbelinasews (Erin Cumming)

  29. Hi, I have a question and not sure where to post (although I also really like the Burda top). About a year ago, you posted about a furniture place in Baltimore – you got a super cool coat rack – can you tell me the name and website? Moved to Anne Arundel County recently and looking for some furniture. Thanks so much and love your blog!

    • Welcome to the DMV! I got the rack from Stadham Corp but they are mostly sewing stuff and was lucky. For great furniture, and where I got my orange sewing room set up, I highly recommend Second Chance. It’s right off the BW Parkway into Baltimore. Last week we got a $2500 elliptical for $500. Let me know if you find anything good!

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