Ponte Wrap Top: Burda Style 10-2012 #119

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I was so bored making this grey top I almost fell asleep typing the title. Last top was black and grey. This one is like a muddy  grey. I really do prefer grey to black. And, I *like* grey. But, I am a magpie. I gotta sew color.

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I am still on the basics train for hourglass figures.  Wrap tops rank high with items that work. They provide waist definition and a low/ wide neckline. And, I liked that this one from Burda has some length to it (no need to cut me off at the waist) and had darts in the back for shaping. I *think* next time I’ll make it with 3/4 sleeves too.

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I’m trying to build my casual work wardrobe. And, I’ve quickly realized that’s going to mean a lot more separates in my life. I was worried this top would be Burda-low in the front. But, I think it’s actually ok.

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I made a 1.5 inch FBA. For my size, the recommendation would be 2 inches of length and one inch of width. FYI, somehow, I’ve only just discovered this chart for seeing the BWOF design lines. So helpful to know where they put the bust point. Anywho, my original dart was ridiculous. First, it was huge (read 1.5 inch FBA). It was also thick because of the ponte.

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Second, if you look where my finger was pointing, the original dart was way, way way too long and low. “Long and Low” are words you should never use to describe your bust. Not sure if this is a product of a bias, stretch item. Also, they totally point down instead of up (or rather ‘to’ my BP) as you can see below. I’ve already altered to pattern so hopefully the next time will be better.

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I used my coverstitch for the neckline and hems with wool nylon on the lower looper. I reinforced the armhole with my Viseline tape, the neckline and shoulders with bias fusible interfacing. In thin knits I sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. But, with a thicker knit you gots to go with 1/2 inch.

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I suspect this fabric is a little thicker than intended. The pattern suggests drapey knit fabrics. But, I was looking for cosy comfy tops to wear to work. I really love how the darts in back give great shaping.

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I took it in quite a bit at the waist to make sure I had some definition. But, I am not big on how the side seams on wrap tops always seem to pull forward a bit.

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I think the back, like in almost every Burda I sew, is a little wide at the neck. I would reccomend a little wedge in the neckline for fit and for me, adding a 1/4 – 1/2 inch at the shoulder neckline so bra straps don’t show.

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I quite like this top. But, it really grew on me.  Originally, I kind of felt like a concrete brick. I think with a looser weave fabric, this will be a real winner. In the meantime, warm and cuter than a sweatshirt.

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Ok. I gotta sew some color.


  1. You look so beautiful in this top and in this picture. Are you smiling at your photographer? :))

  2. This looks FABULOUS on you! You don’t look like a brick, but a voluptuous chick! Sew color if ya gotta, but make some more of these.

  3. So flattering on you! Debbie at Stitches & Seams just posted a tip on how to fix a gaping back neckline if you’re keen to fix it with elastic. Looks really easy!
    Also, a big YES, to this: “But, I am not big on how the side seams on wrap tops always seem to pull forward a bit.” It’s so irritating! The only way I imagine this not happening is if the top isn’t tight. But then it wouldn’t be as flattering!

  4. Extremely flattering on you! And you look radiant.

    Seconding Debbie’s suggestion on neckline gape after the fact. Looks genius.

  5. I Love your blog!!!!!!! I am also a curvy girl, and I think you look beautiful and with the contours of the close fitting clothes you look taller, thinner and your smile sells it all big time ……..you look very happy in your life.. and I like to be a part of it. Thanks for the teaching part 🙂

  6. Love your tope, love your hair, you look great. Looks like you need a round shoulder alteration…?

  7. That’s a very flattering style on you – it really emphasizes your curves in a very nice way! I like that color on you, too!

  8. I know what you mean about wanting colour (as I start a black & white houndstooth dress, lol) but this particularl shade of grey looks spectacular on you!!! You’ve also done a wonderful job with fit on this, the style is so flattering. I think with the few tweaks you mention wanting to make this will be a really ideal top pattern for you, though it’s already a winner.

    Also, you’re hair and make-up in these photos is really lovely. You’re looking stunning in jeans and a knit top – well done!

  9. Love this! You know you could make this very flattering top in a bright red or royal blue which would solve your color issues.

  10. It’s beautiful, just add a bright scarf and it’s perfect for work. Well done! I have to learn how to use the cover stitch machine I’m storing.

  11. That top is beautiful on you!!! I also prefer colors and prints. That’s what I always buy. A few months ago I bought some black rayon for a (maxi) skirt. Because it was on sale. A good buy. Turned out that I love it because the fabric hangs so nice and I wear it more than any of my skirts. Chances are, you’ll wear this top a lot too. Yes it’s boring to sew, but beautiful to wear.

  12. You look absolutely radiant! I don’t think we’ve seen that beautiful big open smile for years-you seem really happy! Just had to say that first! 🙂 LOVE this top on you, the color is great, the fit is great (understood you’re probably going to tweak it a bit, but for the first iteration, it totally works)-I’m thinking you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

  13. I like this top a lot. It’s flattering and the gray looks good on you. I liked it so much I made a note of the pattern #. It’s nice to have years of Burdas to refer back too. I’ve noticed that knit tops have more longevity than pants style wise over the years.

  14. It looks like it was a lot of work, but it paid off for sure! The colour looks great on you, and the shape did end up very flattering. I don’t always have problems with the back neck with burda, but I made this pattern and the whole thing falls off my shoulders. I had thought the only way to fix it would be to add more fabric there next time, but what a great fix to take some out of the back. I wish I’d thought of that!

  15. Love seeing the evolution of the last few tops, the blue was too big and baggy, the t-shirt a bit too casual, and this is just right. Love the style and fit.

  16. Ah, I love this on you! You look terrific.

    Re bust darts – I’ve been thinking about this after reading on a board (Artisansquare? I forget) that bust darts should start low and point upward, rather than going horizontally. This gives you a bit of a fudge factor for a) different fabrics and b) different bras. I just ordered a Silhouette pattern for a t-shirt with French darts to see what the hype is all about.

  17. Hello gorgeous! Love all of it! Your hair is cute, the shirt is cute, WINNING! 🙂 After you get that bust point dart where it’s supposed to be, I’d make a bunch in every color under the rainbow. 🙂 In the meantime, wear a brightly colored scarf or some of that crazy jewelry that seems to clash with colored clothes* to magpie it up. 😉

    *I surely can’t be the only one who gets all this crazy jewelry from family that clashes with pretty much every piece of clothing I own…right?! Right?!?

  18. Another great silhouette on you, Renee! I think you can do this color well, but you look great in colors too. I like your hair up, too. Looking good!

  19. I quite like this shirt – it flatters you, and V neck suits you! I always find that helps “widen” the shoulders whilst still keeping you looking long.

  20. Intentionally or not it sounds like you’re a bit on the fence about this top, but it looks great from here. The darts mightn’t be where you’d like, but that colour is so flattering on you that it would make up for many larger issues. Neckline and shaping look great too. Winner I’d say! 🙂

  21. You look HOT in this, regardless of the bust-dart issue. As dull as you find it to sew, this tone sits really well with your skin tone and you got the fit spot-on. I’m going to have to re-read, but you seem to have nailed the neck gape thing (my G-cup is beginning to runneth over, so this is an ongoing issue for me).

    And I’m going to be cheeky here. I suspect you would look fabulous in what I would call a bright aquamarine tone or a wicked emerald green (Confession: I’m currently crushing on a green velveteen suit that I saw a pic of Jimmy Henrix in, with this awesome floral shirt, so there may be a little bit of projection going on here).

    Looking forward to your next Magpi-eyed manufacture!

  22. Lovely fit! It’s crying out for statement necklaces, I think that would lift it from good to fantastic.

  23. Killer top and killer color…great backdrop for a funky/ethnic necklace or dangling earrings, Your hair is very neat and it was very clever of you to reposition that dart. Taking in the neck at center back about 1/2 inch will bring the shoulder seams higher up on your neck and avoid any sliding down your arm. Now, like your other readers mentioned….make a rainbow of these tops!

  24. So much cuter than a sweatshirt!

    I’m interested to hear why used wooly nylon in the lower looper? Did you not use it in the upper looper? I use it on my bra seam allowances for better coverage and stretch.

  25. It’s a very pretty colour on you, but I understand that you might be ready for some colour. The style looks great too and it’s good to know it doesn’t have a crazy low neckline.

  26. I like the darts in the back. I’ll have to remember that if I ever get back to sewing much. Those are some great shots – Jordan did a good job with the camera. And you look happy, so married life must very much agree with you.

  27. Not boring at al! But then again I love grey in all shades. I think the fabric was a good choice given the darts in the back, they would achieve their purpose better in a firmer knit than a drapery one I think.

  28. Maybe if you did one sleeve and front drape in gray and the opposite sleeve and back in black, it might just be a little more interesting?

  29. Very nice! I have a top sitting for a couple weeks now due to needing the bust darts removed and redrafted. I just cant bring myself to doing it (and don’t really know where to start). Good job on yours!

  30. You look fantastic! Just perfect on you. You are a gorgeous and generous woman!! (not a grey brick–gawd)

  31. It´s really nice and figure flattering, you are great in sewing! I will soon travel to USA för two weeks from Sweden and stay in Boston (visiting my husbands family that moved there). Do you know any good fabric stores? I´m kind of picky when it comes to that fabric should be organic/eco/fair trade. Do you know if that is common?

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