The Humble Nightshirt: Burdastyle 12/2014 #134 and #133

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-14 Back in June, I decided I was tired of my ratty pajama pants and Jordan was tired of me borrowing his flannel pairs (in my defense, I did sew them for him) and it was time for me to make some things to sleep in.

Up first was this rather old school nightshirt. The monogram is from an Etsy seller and iron on. All I need is an oil lamp and a stocking cap! Burdastyle12-2014 #134-19

Pattern changes: I sewed a size 42/44 which corresponds to my upper bust measurement. From there, I made a dartless FBA. To grade up the hip / thigh area into the 48/50 range I needed, I decided to just make a ‘wide hip’ adjustment by slicing up the center and across the waist. From there, I pulled out the lower side seam segment 3cm on the front and back. Et Voila: It’s big enough for me.

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-5 I found / find the neck collar stood pretty far away from my body. So, for the next sleep set, I made a high rounded back alteration. This gave me more length over my upper back and didn’t leave me feeling like I was choking. Burdastyle12-2014 #134-17

I’ve now been wearing these about six months, so please excuse the stains (hair or food oil I’m thinking) and general wear. I have to say that an even larger rounded / full back alteration is needed. You can see above how it’s just pulling up my back and in some photos, across my sternup.

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-8 I ended up releasing the stitching up the center back to try and provide more ease. I need to rethink this top before I sew it a third time. The biceps in Burda have always been narrow for me. The 44 bicep is a 12.25″ and mine measures 15″. But, the dropped sleeve necessitates more room in bicep pattern draft, so I left it as is after a pin fit. I think it has about 1.5″ of ease for me, but would be more comfortable for sleeping with 3″. Sleep Set: Burdastyle12-2014 #134-13

Our new home temps are wild and I’ve been waking up a little warm in the summer (we needed to replace the ceiling fan and do some other mods that better regulate the household temps). I wanted a pair of shorts for the summer, but a nicer top too. Sometimes I just stay in my pajamas and wanted to look a little bit cute.

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-10 My shorts are a straight size 50. It’s maybe one size bigger than I needed, but I didn’t’ want the shorts to be constricting. For my second version, I would size down to a 44 which matches my waist, then do a full seat adjustment. What I found for the 50 is that it fit, but the ease was at the side seams and I needed it at the back. I also *think* the Plus patterns have more ease from Burdastyle. Burdastyle12-2014 #134-3

For the top, I used the same shirt pattern as above, but with the high rounded back alteration.

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-1 If you are thinking about making this, I might just go ahead with the Plus version of the sleep shirt (1/2017 #122) and make some changes to that. The Plus version is nice because it already has darts, I just didn’t feel like sewing a notched collar.

Burdastyle12-2014 #134-12

And does one REALLY need darts in sleepwear? I’d argue no. I don’t sleep in a bra and without one, I measure just fine. But, if we have company, I’m going to have on a bra, and wanted to make sure it would button with one on.


  1. All of us want to look just a little bit cute in our nightwear, but I think it hard to find something cute and functional. I think you, however, have done it! My personal bias is against button in sleepwear, so that leaves a lot of options out for me.

  2. Cute! I’m a sleeveless nightie sleeper, I get too hot when I sleep, plus anything restricting my arms ever sucks, but it REALLY bugs me when I’m sleeping. I’ve seen lots of cute PJs, but I know I’d hate them on myself. So I sew up what is essentially a long, loose fitting tank top whenever I need new PJs–which is actually right now, come to think of it.

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