“New Look” Chic, McCalls 6891

What even is time these days? I purchased the fabric in 2016. I bought this pattern in 2015? The buttons? Gifted to me from France in 2005. I had everything but the buttons done in June of 2020 but couldn’t find the buttons in my sewing room that I’d had earmarked for this project until December. I had nowhere to wear this anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

Nakisha of Dressmaking Debacles made a shirtdress from this fabric a lifetime ago and it was exactly what I wanted to make with the same fabric. It just took me four years?

I chose 6891 over the Big Four standard, M6696 because of the open collar. I love 6696, but I didn’t really need a collar stand, because I would never wear it buttoned all the way up with my short neck. I also preferred the skirt here and smooth back. I went with the length of View C as that fits my proportions best.

Alterations: rising hem adjustment, 3″ total FBA (more than I needed), shorten waist 1.5″. I don’t think the waist is low, I just think mine is moving up ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Next time: Bias tape finish instead of the facings.

This version was so successful that I cut out a second with the skirt from M6696 in an aviary print, shared earlier this year.

While I didn’t get to wear this over the summer… and maybe not really in Summer 2021, I did leave the waist larger. I found the original waist a little wide on me and the upper bodice too. I’ve got everything cinched here with a RTW belt. But I didn’t want to make a dress that wouldn’t fit a year or more later, so I left it a little oversize so there’s some room to breath.



  1. Perfect choice for you! A traditional collar always makes me feel dowdy with my short neck and no I wouldn’t button it up either. It’s a great summer dress for Baltimore or hopefully a vacation. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I’m always impressed by how thoughtfully you sew. I hadn’t considered the collar stand issue before. Shirtdresses make me so happy, but for me it is tricky to get long smooth lines like you’ve done!

  3. I love this dress-the design just seems to me to be a tad classic retro-I made something that looked a little like this in the 70โ€™s (yes, Iโ€™m old). And such fun fabric-pin-wheels or beach balls-whatever, itโ€™s cool.

  4. It looks great! I also love when a long-planned project gets completed. Though I was surprised there were no closeup photos of those buttons!

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