Random Fashion Friday

So, I’m working on a second pair of BWOF pants (9-2007-115). This time, they’ll be in this gorgeous cheviot  wool I bought in Egypt in October. I’ve only just cut out the fashion fabric. I still need to cut the lining and, well, make them.

                                                                                                                 BWOF pantsCheviot

I bought this striped fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics on New Year’s Day to make this dress that Veronica Webb wore on the first episode of the Tim Gunn makeover show. There are two patterns (Vogue and New Look) — I own the New Look — that will work perfectly. It’ll be a great summer dress.

Veronica Webboqs2444

I have always loved this Lux Nappa Flight Bag from Calvin Klein “Calvin Klein’s Flight Bag is styled like a chic relic from the jet-set era. Though the shape is slightly retro-inspired, the gorgeous full-grained leather, subtle topstitch, and sparingly-applied hardware detailing have propelled this carry-all into the very fashionable here and now. ” It was featured in the now defunct Blueprint a year or two ago. By the time I got to Macy’s they only had a silverish and reddish version. I wanted the black, brown cream or purple.  I think I’m ready to try and find a similar shaped bag and make my own. Any suggestions on a pattern are welcome.




And, did you hear? President-Elect Obama is coming to Baltimore tomorrow! They’ve got streets shut down and are building viewing stands and bleachers. It’s also going to feel like 5 degrees below (-20 celsius). I’ll be watching it on TV.


  1. Great bag, but I wonder if it won’t tax your home sewing machine to the max. The piping will entail at least 4 layers, at points probably more.

  2. Love that bag! If you come up to Boston, you can use my Juki to sew it. That will go through all the layers without a hitch. Enticement???

    That’s very cool (literally) that Obama will be there on Monday. Here in Boston it’s supposed to be a balmy 27 deg.F that day. I’m with you. I’ll stay in and watch the whole thing on TV.

  3. I would suggest Amy Butlers Weekend Travel Bag. I bought the pattern and fabric but have not made it up yet. Wow 5 degrees- We’re complaining about the 30 degree readings here in Texas. Brrrr. I’ve enjoyed your blog for the past 8 months. Thanks.

  4. There a HotPatterns bag that looks pretty similar, or could easily be adjusted to that style.

    Also, which BWOF pattern are you using for the pants? I
    really really like that style, and wonder if it’s one of my back

  5. Of course there is a little bit of a frenzy – they are reporting he has a 79% approval rating coming into office!! Highest since Eisenhower…and I agree that staying home and watching it would be your best bet!

    I love the Veronica Webb dress and you will look amazing in it!

  6. @ Suzy. Whoops. They are from September 2007, #115. There is another more recent pair without the complicated pockets. But, I don’t recall which magazine they were in. I’ll check tonight.

  7. I would not be fighting crowds to stand in 5 degree weather if the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were coming specifically to see me! So I don’t blame you for watching on TV. I don’t have to make that decision, since I don’t travel 200 miles to stand in big crowds in the cold.

  8. I know! They are talking about entering the grounds at 1:00 and he won’t speak until 4:00. I could do it if it were 20 degrees warmer.

  9. I love the striped dress! Your version will be great, I’m sure.

    President Obama is leaving from Philadelphia, but I’ve heard his departure is not a public appearance. His train will be moving slowly through Claymont DE, (about 30 min from here) allowing him to wave to the crowds. If it weren’t so COLD, I’d be there.

  10. @Patsijean. I LOVE Weekend Designer. I hadn’t seen it yet. THANKS!!
    @ Elaray. It’s 9 degrees outside now. If it miraculously gets up to 40, I’ll go.

  11. Cidell, HotPatterns has the Melvie bag and tote, and I think you could modify that pattern and come up with something pretty close. It is geared toward heavy fabric I think. I haven’t made it (yet) but I’ve had my eye on it for a while. K

  12. Love love love those pants so I can’t wait to see them made up. Unfortunately my bum is too largesse for the pattern and I’m not sure if I”m up to grading it (with the cute pleats in front and all).

    I would probably even brave -5 deg to see him in person! I’ve been watching the train all day today!

  13. Hi. My name is Sarah-Marie and im eleven years old. My mom and I read your blog, and when we were reading it, we saw that striped dress your are going to make, and i just wanted to say it looks nice. i wish my mom and i could pull off something like that.
    well, i hope it comes out nice, as the rest of your projects.

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