Feeling Hopeful

Last night during construction of my 4/2008 trench jacket, I broke a serger needle. And, I couldn’t take it out becuase I needed a missing alan wrench.  Last night I started improvising and decided to try and Hong Kong seam finish on the inside.

Not that I’ve ever done it before. But, I have these nifty bias tap makers. How hard could it be? Turns out it’s not hard at all. Just more labor intenstive that I need for jacket that has to be finished by Tuesday.

Around mid afternoon today I gave up and bought a new Alan wrench. Not that I didn’t like the way it looked. But, I realized I didn’t have enough bias to go around.

I’ve also settled on these buttons. Trena gave them to me two years ago. Of course, I’m three short. Argh.

I am hopeful I can knock this out tomorrow. For now, I’m done for the d ay. Toy Story 3 is at the drive-in theater!


  1. I like the finish. I find the bias tape makers a little frustrating, but maybe I just need more patience. Just keep going, you’ll get there.

  2. I have been wanting a bias tape maker for a long time-next time Jo-Ann’s has a coupon, I will buy one. (Really! I will resist pretty fabric. I hope!)

  3. It’s a really nice jacket. I made it before (though as a dress) and like it very much. I’m sure you can make it in time and it will turn out beautiful!

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