Where Art Thou Vogue 2586 Donna Karan Coat?

The one problem with my reliance on Burda magazine patterns is I often pass on the Big 4. One such pattern that I looked at several times was Vogue 2586.By the time I got around to actually going to the store to buy it a year ago, it was discontinued. I figured I would find another pattern I liked. Not so much. It’s perfect for my body type. Slim in the waist, flared at bottom. Funnel neck for interest.

Vogue 2586 Donna Karan, originally uploaded by mlweaving.

Now, I am in possession of a gorgeous black and purple, Italian, double sided wool. And, I want this pattern. I’m looking high and low. Ebay, Etsy, vintage pattern websites. Nothing. To be fair, I have just 3.5 yards of my magical coating. It may not be enough for this pattern.

So, do I put off my coat dreams until this pattern turns up? I don’t like any of the current offering from the envelope companies and my initial look through my magazine archives produced nil.

And, I am asking (nay, begging). If you have this pattern in a 12-14-16 incarnation and can part with it, I’d like to buy it. Perhaps we can work something out?



  1. I love that pattern, but like you I let it pass because I felt I could always find in Burda/Patrones a pattern I liked just as much. The angst we put ourselves through…for $3.99?

  2. I too am obsessed with this pattern. I searched the net for months last year and finally gave up. Now you’ve started me up again!

  3. This is a reminder to just spend the $3.99 and get those patterns that are a “might” future make. Hope you find your pattern! Did you post a request for this on Pattern Review as well?

  4. Oh, it is lovely! If you’re willing to piece your facings I’m sure you can squeeze it out of the small amount of fabric. Hope you find the pattern!

  5. I don’t have this pattern, but there is an old Burda that looks similar. It’s probably from about 2004. I’ll have a look when I get home and let you know.

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