Ideas for Seersucker Social ’11

So, the DC Seersucker Social is this Saturday. Originally, I thought I was going to make a dress. But, decided a skirt and top would be way more versatile. I remembered this skirt from the February 2011 Burda, #120

I mean. Really. She’s already got a bicycle. I was powerless to resist. It’s going to be a bit boxy on me in the twill I picked out. But, will be great for the ride and this summer.

I’ve also decided to make a vest out of seersucker. It’s from the February 2008 Burda. Seersucker is not mandatory for the ride 🙂 But, thematically I sort of have to do it.

Actually, I’ve made it before. The black version faded and shrank in the wash.  Still in my closet because I refuse to let it go. So, I’m going to make it up again in seersucker.

I made some headway this weekend but, I’m not done. So, I’ll be sewing every night this week and some on Saturday morning to be ready by Saturday afternoon. And, if I don’t finish in time, I can just wear a pretty dress.


  1. Totally cute on you. Godspeed with your sewing. Git yer skinny little body to the Seersucker Social.

  2. The bicycle is a pretty pink, too. I remember that vest. Wasn’t that made in honour of The Cop? At the time, I didn’t think I wanted one, but seeing it again now I think I will go home and trace this pattern off. I have some really nice fabric I can see made up in this pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. That vest and that skirt together are going to be too cute. And in seersucker! It’s going to be a perfect summer outfit.

  4. Like your choices.. I am going for the simplicity 2250 in pink seersucker. Can’t wait for saturday wish you luck.

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