Seersucker Social Vest: Crazy Ruffles and Welt Pockets

Well, I’m definitely going to have an outfit come Saturday. As you can see, I’ve added both pockets and futzed with the crazy ruffles. I love welt pockets. Such a fun banker look.  It’s just too bad I like to put them in too close to center front and slightly askew. In my defense, I took an inch from CF so the pockets were further back when I started.

Now that I use Kathleen Fasanella’s tutorial on How to Sew a Single Welt Pocket, I don’t even sweat making welt pockets.

Her original tutorial makes about a 1/2 inch welt. I wanted to just show how I altered the pattern to accomodate for a larger welt. I won’t reblog her tutorial because it’s excellent. Go there first and come back here.

click to enlarge

The length of my finished welt is 1 inch wide by 4.5 inches in length. The 2 inch wide section becomes your welt. Folded in half, that is one inch.

When sewing, you’ll sew with right sides together (the interfaced piece will be up). The welt portion should be sewn point down. Because it’s the welt, that’s what needs to come up to show in the welt window.

You also need to increase the size of the welt window from the original. On mine, it’s one inch. On the original pattern Kathleen has, it’s 1/2 inch.

I’ve sewn in the ruffles at the shoulder. They are so cute! But, there’s a lot of bias between the armholes and the ruffles. So, I used selvedge to stablise the curves.

It was a breeze to sew on. I eased the armholes to the selvedge to make sure it would snug up and not show my bra from the side or gape.

Whew. So a few more hours and I’ll be done. I have commandeered hats from coworkers and literally have a selection of six. I’m just about set!


  1. I am in envy of your sewing talent!! Your vest is going to be adorable!

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