Red Burberry Trench Coat: Burda Magazine 1-2008 #128

I’m heading to the ATL later today for a 36 hour trip for a friend’s wedding. I’m super excited because I get to wear the yellow vintage dress, the Chinese quipao and hopefully an Indian sari.

I was hell bent on finishing my trench for the weekend since my ‘fall’ coat is good for October in Baltimore, but a little heavy for Atlanta. Plus, I *must* squeeze in a visit to the Margaret Mitchell House and I’ll feel very fancy in a new trench.

I started this trench way back in March 2011. It moved at a glacial pace because I wanted to draft a zip out lining using the Burberry warmer on the right and I wanted perfect buttons.

I finally drafted and cut the lining and ordered buttons from England. Then, in May, I just gave up on it because I screwed up my cutting and it went from double breasted to single breasted.  The warmer is sadly just in a bag waiting to be used on another project. Sigh. Plus, it got *hot* here and I didn’t feel like working on a coat.

Now, it’s late-October, rainy and cool and I decided to finish it off. Plus, it’s a good coat for this weekend and Florida with my parents for Thanksgiving.

But, it’s all for a good cause because the trench is finished and I don’t hate it! Well, I don’t love it either.

There really isn’t anything *wrong* with it.  Well, except for it’s magical neck shortening abilities (more on that later). But, it is just NOT the double breasted, red, Burberry trench that I pictured. Color me disappointed.

The sleeves are lined with lining from Jomar at like $1 per yard. I bound the edges for finish and there is no lining in the body (the fabric is reversible and waterproof).

I made a FBA by adding darts from the Vogue Guide to Sewing and added shoulder pads.

The collar is a little high for my taste and makes me look too much like a Nutcracker. Funny how I never thought I had a short neck before….

The hem is also hand stitched

I added  double bands at the cuffs and decided to remove the pocket flap that I originally had.

There is a fun kick pleat in the back

Overall the jacket is about one or two sizes too big and just isn’t flattering on me. That is again due to my edits to accomodate a warmer.

The belt provides all the shaping. A friend with a less defined waist tried the coat and it wasn’t the best look on her.

What am I trying to say? Well, I should have muslined. And, honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t use the Burda’s 9-2006-103 trench pattern. Like I said, I don’t hate this red trench. But, I do not love it like I do my military wool trench coat. I can’t wait for it to get cold so I can wear my wool trench!

I did get three unsolicited compliments yesterday when I wore it for the first time. The color is good. And at the end of the day, I do have a Burberry coat. Plus, it fills a serious hole in my wardrobe. It’s just not my favorite.

Happily, I can report that I have two other Burberry lengths. One will be a coat in the spring and the other will hopefully become a cape this season.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Absolutely stunning. I think you will adore this coat once some time passes and you recover from the trauma of making it. None of the “problems” you mentioned are noticeable in the finished product, and all the special details really make it stand out. I love the sleeve buckles, and the little contrasts at the collar and pockets. Plus, it looks great on you!
    Have fun at the wedding!

  2. I love the color and the details! I just finished a green coat, where I thought the shape could have been a little more flattering, so I can understand what you mean about not being in love with your completed sewing projects. I still think your trench looks great though, especially with the belt. Feeling very inspired to make my own trench coat now.

  3. The trench looks nice on you, and I give you a lot of credit for finishing it even though you knew it wasn’t what you really wanted.

    Also, I appreciate your pointing out things about the pattern (like the height of the collar stand) for the rest of us who are dilly-dallying with our trench projects.

  4. Your Vintage dress is such a gem. Wonderful colour and style. Pictures of you in it are needed here;-) Your trench is so very unique and beautiful. Bravo Madame. Super fall look in red.

  5. It’s a great color on you, and especially so on a dreary fall day! And all the details really are nice – the buttons and buckles and pockets. No wonder people have complimented it.

  6. YO are sooooo lucky that that doesn’t fit me. Because you are coming to my city and I would take it off you. Fo’ Sho’! (get used to how we talks downs here…..)

  7. Yay, it’s finally done! I have that same fabric and really need to make it into a trench so I can wear it (it’s aged over 2 years). I think it looks great on you. Put it away in the closet for a few weeks if you’re not in love with it yet and it will grow on you (at least that is what works for me when I’m not head over heels with something I made).

  8. I bet a certain someone is singing, “The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek.”
    The coat is fab.

  9. I really like this coat. So cool that the fabric is reversible. I’m glad to see the inside, too. I’m working on an unlined coat with a kick pleat in the back and I wasn’t sure about binding the seams. Looks great!

  10. I love it! I hope you love it the more you wear it, because you look fantastic wearing it.

  11. I think the color makes your face glow…that the belt provides shaping like it ought to…that you learned some new sewing lessons for the next time and that it fills a hole in your wardrobe. All that adds up to a pretty successful garment to me! Have a great time at the wedding!

  12. You’ll brighten up winter in your beautiful new coat. Opening the top button would reduce the problem of the high collar, but perhaps you live in a colder climate than Sydney.

  13. I suspect this coat is going to grow on you….be prepared for a ton of compliments. It really looks great!

  14. I really know how you feel. I think, sewing makes us perfectionistic. We’re aiming for perfection and thus, see all the little flaws we wouldn’t even recognize on RTW clothing …. I presonally think that the trench looks great on you. The color is awesome and it also looks beatiful from the outside and the inside. I hope it will grow on you and you will wear it nonetheless.

  15. That’s a total bummer when you work so hard and then it’s not all you had envisioned. It sure does look fantastic from here, though! I love the pleat on the back.

  16. I really like this on you! Hopefully with a bit of distance from the traumatic birth, you can start to appreciate the good points here instead of just seeing the disappointments. I only say this because I’m guilty of the same myself!

  17. You look great! I think red is a teriffic color for you and it really pops with the boots! Have a great time.

  18. This shade of red looks absolutely wonderful on you as does the entire coat! Don’t be so hard on yourself regarding the small changes relative to your original vision. A coat is a big challenge!

  19. It looks absolutely fab on you. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. It looks lovely, wear it and forget about it.

  20. Your coat is perfect. Perfectly lovely, perfectly fitting, and the perfect color. I hope you really learn to love it, because if you don’t I’m going to come over and take it from you!

  21. Just coming on to agree with everyone here that the coat is lovely, you look beautiful and perhaps you just need some distance. 🙂

  22. Love it! Love the color! Unbutton the top button to undo the (giggle) nutcracker look and low-tie a pretty scarf around your neck instead. Three unsolicited comments ought to tell you something! 🙂

  23. Your coat looks wonderful! I am loving every stitch of it. Enjoy your weekend and get lots of pictures in your outfits for us to oggle over.

  24. I think your trench coat looks amazing and you look great in it. I actually like the collar even though I know you’re not crazy about it. Give it some time, hopefully it will grow on you.

  25. You know, when you get over the disappointment of what it’s not, I hope you will love what it turned out to be. I love the collar, the English buttons, the colour, the double bands at the cuff, the gorgeous kick-pleat, in fact I just LOVE it!

  26. I have a similar Burberry rainwear with black on the side without the stripes, but I never considered using the black side as the fashion fabric. What a great idea! Instead, I also made a Burberry-inspired trench coat with a camel colored gabardine as the fashion fabric. Thanks for the great idea, and good luck with the quilted warmer!

  27. I love the coat. I think it looks good on you. I am partial to red though. 🙂 Your workmanship is so perfect.

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