Hot Patterns 1015: Riviera Once, Twice, Three Times a T-Shirt

While I have a stack of Hot Patterns’ that I’ve purchased, the Once, Twice, Three Times a T-Shirt came from a friend.

Almost true to the name, I made two of the three versions of this shirt. If I had a coverstitch, I probably would have made the third too.

In HP, I measure in a 12 (Glamour Girl) on top and a 14 (Slinky Girl) on the bottom. I’ve read HP is closer to RTW sizing. I’m telling myself they are close to UK RTW sizing. I buy an 8 in US RTW.  Based on reviews and the line drawing, I knew I wanted a snugger fit and cut a 10 through the upper body, an 8 at the waist and tapered back to a 12/ 14 at the hip. I also wanted a shorter version than drafted and took out six inches at the waist. In retrospect, I wish I had just done four inches for length.

The PR Reviews noted some errors in the directions. But, I didn’t follow them. The shirts have very basic construction.

All that being said, here’s the first version (note the French nauticalness of the red, white and blue). This style is based on a  $500+ Chloe shirt (I do not follow fashion. I only know it’s Chloe because Erica B. pointed it out four years ago!).

I made this tee up in two cotton jerseys from the Carol Collection. I always knew these were going to be a tee with contrast! I have narrow shoulders and hate things that feel like they might drop off, so I shaped the neckline by one inch, tapering into the shoulder. As drafted, it’s more like a slit.  I didn’t bother with the facings and just turned down the allowance. I also moved in the shoulder line by about 1 inch on each side (1/2 inch too much IMHO) to prevent my bra straps from showing or having the shirt slip off the side.

The pattern doesn’t note pocket placement and I don’t like where I put it. A little over and further down would make me happier. I sewed everything on my serger, hemmed with a twin needle and interfaced all the edges with tricot interfacing. I didn’t make an FBA either.


The front and back are the same

I *like* it. I don’t love it. It should have been longer and slightly more fitted to flatter my figure.

My yellow version is based on a $1200 Roberto Cavalli top.

I was totally not drawn to this style until I saw Christina’s version while checking reviews.And, now that it’s made up, I am 100 percent in love with it!

For this one, I moved the should line only 1/2 inch. This fabric is left over from my Burda 6-2010-123 sack dress. I bought in during PR Weekend in Philly. I still have enough left over for a fitted tee! I think I thought it would be a wrap or maxi dress when I first  bought it.

I didn’t hem the sleeves, but did finish the neckline and hem with a twin needles stitch in white.

The front and back are the same, I didn’t make my usual swayback adjustment

This sews up so fast it’s hard not to love. Each of these was made on a weeknight while watching TV. In the future, I’ll make it a little longer (I took too much length out). And, will have to try and resist not turning every slinky knit I have into one of these shirts. I think this pattern is good value for your dollar. You’ll get three tee shirts in one envelope. It’s awesome for a beginner too.

My review on PR is here


  1. Ooooo, I bought this long ago…now that I see yours, I’m moving it up to the top of the pile. These are fabulous!

  2. I have this pattern sitting in my drawer having had second thoughts about it looking good on me. You know what? It’s perfect for some fabric I have in search of a patterns. They look wonderful on you. Even the striped one. I love that you have two different stripes in the same colors. Great looking tops. I need to pull this one out of the drawer!

  3. Number 2 is a stunner. You must make up several versions of it ASAP. I think it would work up well in a silk crepe de chine print. Look at my blog post today for some prints you might like. (That sounds like an advertisement but I know you IRL and have a basic idea of what you like, so it doesn’t count as promotion, right?) –Meg

  4. Is it a “club face” because you look like you’re going to club someone over the head? 😉
    Seriously, that top looks great on you! I really love the second version. It’s almost tempting me to get this pattern.

  5. Cute! I have this pattern, and I tried it, but I had nasty fabric for it and it just didn’t work out. Maybe I should try it again, since I’m desperately in need of cute T-shirts that don’t have some sort of obnoxious Oktoberfest or farm-related logo.

  6. You look so confident and happy in those pictures – esp the last one. Love the flutter sleeves!

  7. I have always liked this pattern and now am very tempted to buy it!!! Both tops look great on you. Are you going to make the 3rd one as well?

  8. Both styles are very cute, but I especially like the second style. Love the print and shape of the sleeves! You took some great pictures- you look great!

  9. I have wanted to see the one with the ruffle on the sleeve (for lack of a better word) made and on someone! I really liked that when I saw it on the pattern cover. Its great! I will for sure add this pattern to my next purchase from HP.

    Now if I can just find some time to sew! yeesh…

  10. I just love the ruffle sleeve version. Perfect print positioning and starting the fullness lower down the arm is really flattering.

  11. These tops are so nice. I like the variety you can achieve from one pattern. They look great on you and I know you’ll be making more of them!

  12. Wow – this is great on you – I’ve been thinking about this pattern. Love the longer-sleeved version….gathered/flared and it looks great on you. Glad to hear about the sizing variation for HP…..they do seem to run a little large.

  13. Welcome back! I’ve missed your regular posts (not that you owe me anything). It’s good to see you’ve been sewing… The T shirt is gorgeous as is the military dress. Whatever happened to the last bra?

  14. Nice. That pattern caught my eye when it first came out-that and the three graces set but HP are so expensive here in Oz I never got around to buying it.. The only place I know to get these is sewingpatternsdotcom and their shipping is exorbitant =P

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