Burda Magazine 12-2010 No. 102: Alexis Carrington Dress

There are several patterns from Burda I’ve had my eye on for years and years.  This wrap dress with the drapey sleeves is one such. I sewed it way back in August to wear on my dativersary. But, it seemed too late fall for what ended up being a warm summer night. Plus, I thought it was more mid 80s corporate takeover than va va voom.

 photo file_zps2df0f21d.jpg

I meant to wear it and take some photos before two months passed. But, wonderful and terrible things happened at the same time and now I’m just getting around to actually wearing it and taking pictures!

 photo file_zpsd05c19cd.jpg

I was drawn to the drapey sleeves and the wrap style (totally flattering on me) and the relatively straight skirt.

 photo file_zps60bf799a.jpg

For this dress, I went in to the Carol Collection and chose these blue with purple maple leaf motif. Do you like that my dress has maple leaves and there are maple leaves on the ground? Do you? Yes? The fabric is a polyester print with a thick silky hand (confirmed by my burn test).

 photo file_zps54cac1a8.jpg

It’s totally Alexis Carrington from Dallas, no? I also considered naming it the Oh, Canada Dress by virtue of the maple leaves.  I loves it!

I didn’t change too much here. I made a FBA (and of course forgot to make the same adjustment to the facing). Yep. I  sewed the facing too. I don’t know why I’m not hating facings like I used to. On this, I love the smooth and firmness of the wrap. I reinforced the neckline, armholes and waist for support.

 photo file_zps1a5e657e.jpg

The hems on the sleeves and skirt are finished on my blind hemmer

 photo file_zpsbdb822fa.jpg

I don’t have terribly much to say other than I really love this dress. You’ll never find something like this in the store. And, it’s somehow ‘dressier’ than my other work dresses.

 photo file_zps742f80e0.jpg

I don’t think my sleeves look anything like the draft nor the model’s. Mine don’t seem quite drapey enough.

 photo file_zps184e3217.jpg

 photo file_zps53027e9c.jpg

And, the obligatory photo of the back

 photo file_zpsc13db7dc.jpg

Nice pattern. Will def be making it again in the future. Especially since it has sleeves!



  1. Lovely dress! Are those pleats on the back yoke? I like everything about it, the pattern, the fabric. You are still looking so trim! I don’t think it looks 80’s, I think it just looks very flattering.

    • You are right, they are blue and purple. Or even two shades of violet. The camera didn’t render the colors quite the same.

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  2. You are glowing! Could it be the dress or being married that has given you such a serene look of happiness? The sleeve could be enlarged next time to be more drapey but otherwise it is dynamite on you!

  3. Love the dress! And the fabric. You should definitely make this dress again. You look fantastic.

  4. So glad you finally got this one photographed! But then again you have been a little busy…*smile* It’s a very pretty dress and you should definitely make it again!

  5. Looks like those are actually oak leaves on the ground…suspect a weightier fabric would make drapier sleeves?

  6. Definitely a winner. It’s lovely on you and the color is very flattering; makes you glow. Of course that could be that happy newlywed glow.

  7. Very pretty and flattering dress. One small note, however, the Carringtons were not in Dallas – that was J R and Ewing family. I think the Carringtons may have been in Denver??? right decade tho! 😉

    • LOL! You’re right! Carrington was Dynasty! What’s funny, is I only ever caught one episode of a night soap and it was the Colby’s. But, that didn’t last long according to IMDB.

  8. First of all, marriage agrees with you – you look fabulous, darling! 🙂 Next up the dress is wonderful and the fabric looks perfect.

  9. First, the dress and the color are FABULOUS on you. You definitely need more of both. Whoever said you are glowing, is correct. And finally, I was a Dynasty and Dallas ADDICT and I didn’t catch your oopsie until reading the comments. Hahaha … the mind sees what it wants to see. 🙂

    Keeping your mom in my prayers. All the best for all of you. (And congrats to your hubby … just had to say that word … for passing the bar!)

  10. The dress is lovely and you look BEAUTIFUL in it 🙂 Try to keep your HAPPY THOUGHTS about your Moms’ diagnosis. I know a woman who was diagnosed SIX years ago and she’s alive 🙂 Actually, with medications she’s FINE 🙂 She has her bad days but they are few 🙂 Crossing my fingers for you and your family….you are such a sweetheart 🙂 BEST WISHES from Cheryl 🙂

  11. I was a bit distracted by that big sparkly ring on your finger! But the dress is lovely – I actually think your sleeves look better than the pattern – more pleated than droopy

  12. Your dress is lovely. Even though your sleeves aren’t as droopy! I think I like yours better, more body and shape. Obviously I have missed some things going on with you so congrats on the marriage as well.

  13. When you make it again, why not try working a little extra fullness into the sleeves? I think this is one of those cases where the pattern doesn’t quite match the sketch. Extra fullness in the sleeves would be a nice touch. Anyway, I love this version. The turquoise leaf fabric is gorgeous on you and you look lovely. Take care Miss Celie and your wedding photos were beautiful.

  14. Perhaps the drape on the sleeves changed because of the relative firmness of the fabric? Maybe next time, you can try something less firm/more drapey to see if it changes the look of the sleeves. Either way, it looks fab on you and is a great color for you. As for ‘corporate 80s’ (ahem), for those of us ‘of a certain age’ who actually ‘shouldered up’ in that period, in order for this to be true ‘Alexis’, you’d need to extend the shoulders a bit (1/2″ to 3/4″ of an inch at the edge and some height in the armscye should do it, I think) and put in firm shoulder pads. Now, I’m actually a HUGE proponent of shoulder pads because I’m stoop-shouldered anyway, but as a short woman, I find they give me a bt of structure that I lack generally. They also make my hips and waist look smaller (which is always a good side-benefit). Now, no one needs to go full-on Gaultier, but a good half-inch on the pads would work with some changes in the bodice of that dress.

  15. Just looking at the line picture and Burda’s version I never would have given this pattern a second look but yours look FABULOUS. Also your backyard pics are really making me miss home this time of the year.

    • I totally agree. The line drawing doesn’t draw me in but the dress looks gorgeous on you. Nice work!

    • Gee, what a great dress! You look sensational in it, too. It might even be my favorite of all that you have sewn.

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