No Store Like It: Kantje Boord

When we were trying to figure out where to honeymoon, I suggested a bike trip in France. Jordan was worried that the food portions would be too small for his American appetite and he suggested the Netherlands. He thought I might not want to go back since I’d been there three years before. But, with memories of Kantje Boord in my mind I was ALL OVER IT. We made a deposit on our trip that night and before he could change his mind.

I have to thank Sigrid for taking the time to meet with me on a work day and Valerie for offering to give me a ride to Kantje Boord. It was my second time meeting Sigrid and my first introduction to Valerie. It’s always a pleasure to meet people you have an online relationship with. YAY for the internets!

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And, let me tell you, Kantje Boord is all that I remember and more. First, it’s expanded. Second, I didn’t hyperventilate from indecision. But, I may have hugged the fabric. For those who might not know, Kantje Boord is a lingerie  focused sewing shop in Amsterdam. What makes it unique for lingerie sewing is the sheer volume of options. There are hundreds and hundreds of laces to select from.


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They have ALL the notions ALL in one place. You go to different walls for the strapping, for the lycra, for the little cute ribbons, for the elastics.

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When you go to the counter, the lovely shop clerk (who I totally remembered from three years ago) pulls the best tulle, lining, channeling and metal sliders for you. She makes it impossible for you to forget something. I really love making bras. But, for me it’s totally frustrating to ‘gather’ the supplies. I’m not a fabric dyer so I don’t want to be bothered with that either. The first time I went to Kantje Boord, I was totally overwhelmed. I just bought little pieces of lace and ordered the rest of the kits online. This time. I went in to buy everything I needed to sew a complete bra (minus the underwire).

 photo IMGP1234_zpse5e8ae70.jpg

And, thank goodness for Valerie and Sigrid! I was still overwhelmed in the shop and couldn’t think straight about how much of what I needed to buy. They were the best at helping me winnow down my original stack of 12 laces to a reasonable amount.

 photo IMGP1227_zps58ac708b.jpg

I weep from the beauty of it all. And, if Jordan hadn’t taken money out of my purse for his day out on his own, I would have squeezed two more kits in to here.  Considering my last three RTW bras that I bought last month were in the $60+ range, I really consider this an investment.

 photo IMGP1260_zps78efd72d.jpg

I won’t be sewing these up anytime soon though. I need to work on my new bra size and order the right underwires that I now need. Plus, I’d like to clone one of my RTW bras to have a new pattern. Luckily, Jordan loved Amsterdam too. I’m thinking we’re grounded to North America for travel the next few years. But, here’s hoping for long Amsterdam layovers the next time we travel!



  1. We are just back from a bike/barge trip. It would have suited both of you … a Dutch barge in France.

    By the way, we went to Europe via the USA and learnt something of your portion sizes. The Veal Parmigiana which arrived on a bed of Spaghetti Bolognese was the most daunting!

  2. Oh man, that place looks AMAZING!!!

    Also, did you get to experience that uniquely Dutch tradition– chocolate sprinkles on buttered bread?!

    • I didn’t (I’m more a fried food than chocolate person). But, Jordan did and he had it every day we were there.

  3. I know I would be overwhelmed in that store but I will definitely try to work it into one of our trips while we are living in Germany. Thank you for whetting my appetite!

  4. It was such a pleasure to see you again. The store still is amazing and at some point in the (near) future you will make some gorgeous bras. Making a replica of an existing, good fitting bra is a good way to start.

  5. Ohhhh I’m jealous too. Please be certain to share all the things you make from your haul… when you get to them. Glad you had a great time. Sorry also that Sigrid and Valerie talked you out of the 12. I think that would have been a VERY reasonable number.

  6. Totally jealous! When I went to Amsterdam I had no idea this place was even there! Sigh.

  7. Sounds like so much fun to see Sigrid and Valerie. Your investment is goig to really pay off. Custom-made lingerie in the colors you want costs a lot more than € 60 for the bra alone. Had no idea that they had expanded. Love the men’s display and star-patterned elastic. Did you pick any up?

  8. Oh gosh, that looks like lingerie sewing heaven! What a fun day you had with those lovely ladies too – color me green with envy!

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