Jalie 3997: The Rachel Dress (Two Ways)

I’ve made the speedy Rachel Dress from Jalie Patterns twice in the last month. The first animal print version was for a wedding and to test the pattern. The second star print version was for another wedding a few weeks later. Yo. We had eight weddings this year. Two for my friends (second marriages) and six for Jordan. I love love, but am all tapped out. We have two on the calendar for next year, but given the 14 weddings the last two years, I have a feeling we’ll be at a lot of baby stuff in 2020 😂.

Long Sleeve with ties on the left. Cap sleeve w. no ties on the right.

Between the tester and final version, Team Jalie added a bit more width in the hips, which I think is good. I normally skip right on past a slim fit knit skirt. I mad a size BB I based my size on my full bust of 43″. The BB was a 44″ bust,  and I erred on bigger than smaller. I did not make a FBA. It’s fine, I think I might size down the bodice next time and make a FBA, the shoulders are just a wee bit wide on me and I would like to take away that fold above my bust.

For my second star print version, I did lower the neckline, a swayback (absolutely necessary here), make a full seat adjustment and added a bit to the thighs (graded to my thigh measurement). The extra space in the thighs isn’t necessary with the full seat adjustment. Since it’s a knit, it’s not egregious, but I might go back and slim the skirt a hair.

Rachel Dress-4

I chose the waist ties for the second version because the fabric really needed a visual break. Without the ties, I looked like I was wearing a leotard for the US Gymnastics team.


I’m gonna stick the landing! This is pre waist tie and neckband, leaving me looking like a junior gymnast.

The fabric for the star print is an engineered print from Issa London. I had to take my time with careful print placement. I wanted to keep the brighter stars near my face and the darker navy on black toward my bottom.


The front of dress is all one piece with a funky looking pattern. This design will result in a bit of drape and bias in the skirt.


Because of this bias, I really recommend letting the skirt hang overnight or two before hemming. On my animal print version, I had to recruit a friend to help me trim the hem even.


Rachel Dress-1

Overall I am thrilled with the ease and speed of this dress. The style is also excellent. There are so many options for dresses and tops, making this pattern a real winner.




    • They are so cute! I stalked them on ebay for a long time because I was able to get them at a reasonable price.

      On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 2:51 PM Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  1. Love both of these dresses. Your placement of the stars worked out particularly well. Your description and makes of the Rachel dress may have tipped me over the edge into adding this pattern to my collection. And I’d been so good resisting temptation.

    • Thank you! I think they’ve given my wardrobe a much needed power boost. I also like that the drape is good for hiding a little tummy 😁

      On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 5:06 PM Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  2. The CHAIRS! I loved the lines even in the floral print, but the solid…I just sat here and stared at them for a few minutes. They’re GORGEOUS! They pair so nicely with the sectional as well, and the fabric for that is a terrific neutral but with a lot of interest all its own. It’s just…WOW. It’s just perfect, is all. You must walk in there every time and stop to look around and quietly bask in your beautiful space 😀

    I’ve been waiting impatiently to see the rugs with the chairs and the sectional all decked out and it definitely did NOT disappoint!

  3. Looks great! I especially like the animal print one, because as we know I’m a sucker for an animal print. 😉 I’m LOLing at the weddings. We’ve had the same thing happen, and the last two years have been a blur of weddings, babies, and whatnot for siblings and cousins (mostly on my husband’s side).

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