Not a wadder

The second easy knit top I started last weekend is 3-2005-108 BWOF. It’s a 3/4 sleeve v-neck. I used fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, leftover from my last maxi dress. I figured the pattern was so simple, it was ideal for showing off this large statement print.

For this, I took care to match the sides, because I wanted the hem print to be consistent all the way around.

I didn’t take the same care with the raglan sleeves because I think it was busy enough that it wouldn’t stand out.

My lapped v isn’t as deep as the original.

I used the border trim for the v-neck and for my added sleeve bands. I also reinforced the V with a knit interfacing. The BWOF directions aren’t great for the v-neck. I pulled out my Singer Sewing Reference Library: Sewing Activewear, on V necklines for their instructions.

I didn’t make a swayback adjustment on the pattern and it still worked out pretty well.

I really like this top! It’s easy. It’s a great basic. I’m definitely making it again.

You know, I never considered adding a couple more buttons to yesterday’s dress. But, now, maybe I will. Thanks!

I’ve finished my lining for the second version of the Sherlock Holmes dress. Now, I just need to insert zipper, add collar and hem. Very exciting.