Burda Magazine 5-2011-111: Purple Friday Wool Tunic

I’m on to my second Purple Friday ensemble for this football season. Hey there Oona… how about that game on Sunday?

In Baltimore, we wear purple for our American football team the Baltimore Ravens on Fridays. Why? Well, they mostly play on Sunday and Purple Fridaysare a way to show pride and support in the team. Did I mention my house is right behind the old Memorial Stadium?

Every Friday of football season is PURPLE FRIDAY!!!! Proudly wear your purple to work or school to support the Ravens! — Ravenstown

This is the true color of the dress

I wanted to make a simple shift for Purple Fridays that could also be worn on the weekend during winter. I want more casual clothes   that look nice and not ‘I rolled out of bed and threw on yoga pants’.

I started the shift dress from the May 2011 Burda Magazine during Superstorm Sandy. It was a simple project that I could complete in a day. And, I did. A few hours actually.

But, I’m salty about the fit with those fold lines under my bust. I’m not sure if the need for an FBA would solve the problems.  I know it’s a another sack dress but the folds are A-nnoying. Maybe one fold for each 1/4 inch I should have adjusted for?

I asked a few friends that are smaller up top to try on and the folds go away.

Here on Trena (obviously three sizes too big for her too) and below on my B Cup dress form.

I decided to forgo the facings and use a woven bias binding. This is my first time doing this kind of finishing technique on a woven and I’m really pleased. I also like leather and contrast bindings I see on RTW and now I have a good way of doing them consisently well.

The material is a wool in a violet shade of purple from the Carol Collection. I originally thought I’d make a skirt in the fabric but Purple Friday called and I thought this shift would be fun.

Oh, here’s a photo of the back. I omitted the ties (and the pockets). I can kind of picture metal chains instead. Hmm, maybe a T-back shirt in black too (my bra definitely shows without). Ooh, a lacy T-back would be hot.

I’m wearing the dress with leggings. It’s too short for me as drafted to wear with pantyhose.  I’ve already altered the paper pattern for a FBA and a swayback adjustment. Why didn’t I when I started? I thought it just wouldn’t matter 🙂

The dress looks pretty good in movement and I think it works well with the leggings and boots. It’s fun because the front is simple and all the interest in really in the back. It is just the look I wanted. Casual, but styled.

My immediate boss was a fan. She said I was dressing rather chic lately. I realized after she said so that she never wears prints and for work only wears black, navy and sometimes white. Her clothes are very tailored and architectural. She also specializes in large earrings and big jewelry. I like her style.  I wouldn’t say this was chic exactly. But, very minimalist. I have about three garments she’s really complimented. Hmmm, that might make an interesting post!

I think I’m going to make two more Purple Friday items. That let’s me get through a month without repeating.


I hope you (Americans) have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m not going to see my parents this year (Can you say $600 tickets!?!?!) and I’m a little pouty about it. But, as I detest traveling on the holidays (chaos and stress) there is a silver lining to hanging out with local friends. Plus, I get to put my new *pink* Christmas tree up as soon as I digest my Thanksgiving dinner 🙂



  1. you are hateful.

    (you know there’s a problem when you’re cheering the replay of your second string quarterback getting sacked, along with ray lewis. leftwich was a CHILD.)

    i love the back on that, it would look great in steelers gold, and the “my boss says these are chic” post idea is steal worthy. the head of costumes here liked my leggings so much, she wants a pair. stylish ladies compliments are the BEST.

  2. You know they say you should dress for the position you want and if your boss dresses that way imitation would definitely flatter her. Just take the parts you like best and wear them. Will you be able to get two more purple outfits completed before the season ends?

  3. I agree that the FBA will most likely eliminate those diagonal folds. Are you creating a CB seam to include the Sway back adjustment? If not, how are you doing it?

  4. Happy thanksgiving right back at you! Love that shade of purple on you, even if it is for the Ravens, lol. I can’t dress properly to support a team — have lived too many places. Would look like a walking NFL store.

    Sorry you’ll miss the holiday with your folks. You can brave the stress of travel for Christmas, instead.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I would love a post on the outfits your boss complimented. Sounds like a lot of interesting information in that! I like your shift very much! A lacy tee would look really good, as would just about anything that bridges the gap and creates interest. Sorry you will miss the holiday with your parents, but it is just another day, and you are missing a lot of stress and chaos. You can go sometime when it doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

  6. I like this a lot. It’s another Burda garment I ignored in the magazine, but like on a real person. I think it’s pretty chic with leggings and boots as you’ve styled it. I’m instantly seeing this outfit with a bit coat that I have in my sewing queue. It’s sort of voluminous with a built in scarf. In fact, I think I may have just visualised myself a casual winter Sunday lunch outfit for next year, which is a shame considering I’m coming into summer and my summer sewing list is miles long!

  7. Love this whole outfit! I have to agree with your boss, it really is chic. I don’t know how to break it down, but I think that some of the chic-ness is coming from a simple design married with really high quality fabric and great accessories – those boots are fab!

  8. Love this purple on you! I’m thinking a FBA will fix those drag lines and create a smoother smoother fit. I’m quite intrigued by what is boss approved…

  9. This is so cute! I really like its simplicity and clean lines.

    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! Sometimes it ends up being nice to spend a holiday in a different way than you normally would, so hopefully you have a good time with your friends.

  10. What a fantastic colour! And I think you’ve perfected the smart casual look in this outift with those boots which is such a hard look to get right.

  11. I love the spirit behind Purple Fridays. I think this top is really cute, and though I don’t think anyone is going to think much of those drag lines, I’m curious to see how it comes out with your adjustments.

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