BWOF 11-2007 #107 : Pink and Cream Seersucker Cross Dart Dress

Oh, hey.



I don’t know know that there is a seersucker I don’t like.  I started this dress almost two months ago to wear to a summer ‘picnic wedding’ in upstate NY where the dress was ‘summer semi-formal’. I didn’t get it done in time 😦

 photo IMGP8273_zpsb305da45.jpg

My sewing of this dress greatly benefited from having lots of extra fabric. I had to recut the bodice three time due to incredible user error. I first used this seersucker to make a sailor-inspired skirt two years ago. The fabric is kind of see through, so this time I underlined the bodice with cotton batiste.

 photo 000001614697_zps03ab4858.jpg

I’ve wanted to make this dress since it came out in 2007. I thought the bodice darts were so interesting. Add a full pleated skirt and it’s totally speaking my language.



Not only did I need an FBA, I had to move the darts down a good 1.5 inches too in addition to changing the angle of the darts downward. So, while it doesn’t look exactly like the original, it fits and flatters me so much better.

 photo IMGP8206_zps938ae11d.jpg

Like a dolt, I sewed up the shoulders and sides before remembering the correct sleeveless construction order. That meant I needed to use a bit of bias at the neckline so I could clean finish everything. This would have also looked awesome if I’d used the binding at the armholes too (thought for next time).

 photo IMGP8223_zpse98656ec.jpg

The inside of this dress is really my favorite. I used the time consuming but my favorite method: facing lining combo.  I drafted the bodice lining using the included facing. I looks so ready to wear to me! It’s much more work, but worth the effort I think. There is no peeping out of lining from the sleeves or neckline this way.

I used ALL the machines on this dress. Sewn up on my Bernina 830 using the AMAZING invisible zipper foot.

 photo IMGP8280_zpsdd2118a8.jpg

Seriously. Perfect insertion every time. I hate to admit that this sucker was worth the $40.

 photo IMGP8226_zpsb398ea43.jpg


 photo IMGP8227_zps1dbeb8ba.jpg

The hem of the lining is made with my Brother Coverstitch (my new favorite way to do lining).


 photo IMGP8225_zps916d8576.jpg

And the hem of the dress itself is secured with rayon tape and my Japanese-made  blind hemmer (using the invisible thread).

Seriously. All. The. Machines.

I think this dress would benefit from a belt. But, I don’t have one that works. Yet. I’m thinking a pale blue or teal? I would also make the tulle underskirt if I need this for dress up rather than work.

 photo 000001614695_zpsb592178d.jpg


Overall, I’m meh on the dress. I put a ton of effort in to it. But, I really don’t like it on me. On the dressform it’s rocking. But, the proportions are ever so slightly off on me and I look like a rectangle.  I’m sorry it didn’t make it to the wedding as thematically it was perfect. I am just off my sewing game as of late. I have one more skirt to post that I made a few weeks ago and I’ll be caught up in project back log.


  1. The neckline seems a little high to really flatter you – personally I’d change it to a bit more of a scoop neck and see if you like it better.

    • I never really think about necklines. I kind of like them high. But, maybe I’m too busty for them. That said, I also love turtlenecks!

  2. I’m with Esther on the neckline but it would really look nice with a thin belt since the eye has no place to rest.

  3. Also I’d definitely add a belt – it would add more shape to the dress and remove some of the boxyness you don’t like…although I think you look very pretty in the dress and you did a great job making it!

  4. Love the dress, I really love seersucker as well. I agree that a thin belt is needed, preferably a pop of color! You could play with adding a sweater or jacket also if the weather is agreeable. You might end up feeling more than meh about the dress!

  5. I agree with the comments about the neckline. I think the dress would be much nicer with a lower neckline. Otherwise it’s lovely. You did a great job!

  6. I am with agreement on the neckline and a cute belt would be perfect. I really like the dress on you and I think just a couple of changes. I know in my sewing world, making changes to a garment that is complete is the hardest thing for me to do. Good luck with the dress and I love seersucker, too.

  7. cute and a great summer dress. I love seersucker too (I love anything summer and could happily sew only that forever!)
    How about a belt in the same fabric? I have found some nice buckles on Etsy, I think a shell type (think mother of pearl) would look great.

      • Have you read The Curly Girl Handbook? I’ve been loving my curls more since adjusting my routine a little and using their techniques.

  8. I love it when you invest in all those machines and you use them all on a project. Great looking dress, sorry you don’t like it. I do think with a thin belt it will break it up some and make it look less rectangle.

  9. It looks so nice. If you think it’s meh. How about a somewhat brighter and longer set of beads? I can’t see the colour well, it looks pinky orangey in the pics, how about a pink or orange necklace. It’s a really cute dress. Now that you have the pattern sussed do it up again in something brighter.

  10. This dress is so cute! I think a bolero would really change the silhouette. I’m not sure about the belt. I am glad to see you back in blogland.

  11. I agree with some of the other commenters; I think the neckline is too high. Same for me… too busty for that high a neckline. It’s like it’s too much fabric. I know what you mean though, once it’s finished I don’t want to go back and redo anything. I also love those darts on everything I’ve seen but fear I would need to do the same sort of adjustments and I don’t have it in me.

  12. I love the high neckline, would look great with various necklaces.
    From a purely theoretical point of view, I think it’s the direction of the stripes (from your waist down) that could be optimized. I’ve seen on a few vintage patterns that stripe patterns are sometimes cut on the bias so that the stripes run in an X direction, with the narrow bit at your waist.
    Maybe you’re not feeling it, because the pattern is a bit subdued and you want a pop of colour? The blousing at the waist is nothing that a nice contrast colour belt couldn’t fix.

  13. I was so excited because I’m making a *sleeveless* blouse out of this same pink and white striped seersucker! And I’m going to be featuring it in my podcast at the end of this month, talking about how I altered and constructed the pattern. So I have a *question*, because I altered a shirt pattern to create this blouse and don’t have construction order. I just looked at my Readers Digest Sewing book and reviewed basic fitted facing steps. What is the *correct order* for doing the sleeveless facing in conjunction with the shoulder and side seams ( you mention that you forgot to do them in the correct order)? I hope Miss Celie or another reader answers this, because I would definitely use that (hoped for) answer in my podcast. I noticed that my armscye is a little loose, though I will be wearing the blouse none the less. It’s a kind of test garment to wear and evaluate before I create more. But it’s going to be a real part of my wardrobe no matter what.

    Here are my comments on your beautiful, ladylike, dainty dress.
    1) I vote you wear it. I am not ‘meh’ on it at all. It suits your graceful style.
    2) I don’t go in at the waist or out much at the hips, so I am a big fan of *wide belts*. Would you like it better if you emphasized the waist? I would wear either a wide black belt (and black flats/sandals) or a wide red belt (with red flats/sandals). I happen to have both (!) but I also have a very wide black elastic belt with one of those simple slide on belt cincher things. That would be a good budget option to try out the belt idea to see if it makes you happier. I would guess you can find that wide elastic in some place like I’ve had my black one-seam-sew-it-up-quick elastic belt for a couple of decades and gotten a lot of use out of it.
    3) I would make up places to wear that beautiful dress. Our beautiful garments we put so much energy into, deserve to be worn. I’ve started wearing dresses/skirts I sew, out more just for the heck of it. You could wear that out to supper, to tea/coffee with a friend, shopping, and of course to events like a play, the ballet, a kids theater performance. I think it’s hard to dress up just a little these days. At least where I live, people tend to wear jeans everywhere. I like jeans too, but I am trying not to be intimidated by what other people are wearing.

    Good job!

  14. I love the dress, but agree that it needs a belt to set off your waistline.

  15. it’s really pretty

    how about a long-ish necklace? (I get what folks said about the neckline being high) but maybe a long necklace will help bring the eye down a bit

    still…it’s a really pretty dress

  16. Miss Celie, I agree with the others that a (maybe 1″ wide belt, matching shoes + a cropped short sleeved jacket would work. You look pretty in your dress. Does Mr. like it on you? What does he say?

  17. Plus  I would not want to take that neckline out either.  I would put it in the closet, unless, Mr. liked it on me.  Mary

  18. I think it looks good on you, but maybe add a belt so s to accent the waist, a very pretty summer dress!

  19. The dress is lovely and seersucker is perfect. But I understand the ‘meh’ feeling. I did a blouse recently, the best work I’ve ever done. And in the end, meh. I might use it as a sleep shirt. Ouch!

  20. Sometimes “meh” turns into “nice” with some time and styling. I love how the inside looks as beautiful as the outside which I think does make you sparkle when you wear it. Plenty of summer seersucker weather ahead which might make you enjoy it more in the future.

  21. What a beautiful job you did! I’m so impressed, from the FBA to the lining. And I think it looks great on you.

  22. It’s not Meh, it’s great. It just needs a wonderful belt. Don the dress, get thee to the store and hit the accessories section ASAP. Don’t avoid trying patent leather in black. Also try a couple of unexpected colors. Seriously, it’s one you should be reaching for all summer.

  23. I adore that dress. If your feeling meh about it, maybe open the neckline out a bit. Show off your gorgeous figure!

  24. I think that, with your lovely dark skin, you could put any number of bright, dark belts or sashes on the dress and it will please you better. There’s just not enough contrast between the pink and the cream for my taste, as I see you in my mind in bolder colors and patterns. That neckline is great for Southern summers for busty gals: hides the stream of sweat that invariably runs from one’s collar bone down into one’s cleavage, in hot weather. Air conditioning was not working at church yesterday (lightning strike from summer storm) and I was extry glad to have worn a high-necked blouse. I sat in the choir loft and watched women and men all over the sanctuary blotting their faces, necks, and arms with tissues. Last time we had to prop the doors open, we received a visit from a friendly (?) black snake, but not this time.

  25. This looks great on you. Seersucker is such a comfortable summer fabric. Enjoy.

  26. I LOVE this dress. You could make a blue or teal grosgrain belt (attached to a stiff backing- I know I’ve seen this in the past) with a small rhinestone buckle or a bow. I also want you to put the dress on with your new bras for a little more shape 🙂 . You look gorgeous!

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