Vogue 8888: Minty Green and Black Lace Chemise

Minty green and black are so retro, aren’t they?

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This is my third foray into sewing clothes I can sleep in. My flannel short set and flannel pyjama pants are still going strong. I made this nightgown last year, but it didn’t hold up well. I decided to dig into deep stash and sew this minty green stretch silk. I bought this fabric back in 2007 to copy a dress a friend has. I just never got around to sewing it.

Vogue 8888 (from Vogue website)

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I think this is so pretty!! I’ve always wanted pretty things to sleep in. For this pattern, I made a one inch FBA and no swayback adjustment. I’m bustier than the model and will tell you the slip has a great level of cleavage.

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The awesome black lace was gifted to me from Kathi R. I love how it plays against the mint green. I was worried it was too sharp a contrast and would have done better with something lighter. But, I love how the colors play against each other through the lace.

The pattern calls to be cut on the bias. But, I went up two sizes, cut cut on the straight grain and with the stretch of the silk — it was perfect.

 photo IMGP7324_zps0bdb3c2e.jpg

Yo! Check my straps! I bought this strapping off of eBay. The original pattern calls for sewing tubes of fabric for the straps.  Yeah, screw that noise. Well, 1.) I lost the pattern piece. 2.) I hate sewing small tubes of anything. So, I bought these bra straps and sewed them on.

 photo IMGP7325_zpsef290d07.jpg

It looks a little more RTW in my opinion and was a snap! And, if you’re wondering, this slipprovides ZERO support, LOL!

 photo IMGP7336_zps9331df3b.jpg

I tried a narrow hem and it was not a good look – bubbly, wrinkly, wavy.  So, I serged and turned under once. I still may turn under a second time.

I told myself I was making view E next. Same material. Different lace. I’d also like to make this pattern again using black knit tricot from my stash and wear it as a slip. I really like this pattern!

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Thank you for the good wishes for my grandmother. She’s back in her nursing home and hopefully on the mend. The news has been less than encouraging. But, she’s a seriously tough broad. I mean, c’mon. She raised TEN children!

Thank you also for the comments on my last dress. I too am super happy with it.  Since it’s black cotton, I think it will be a dry clean only dress to prevent fading over time.



  1. Beautiful! I love the color combo, and the pre-made straps are definitely the way to go, but then I suck at turning tiny tubes too. 🙂 Hope things get better for your grandma soon!

  2. I know what you mean about always wanting some nice sleepwear! That is one pretty nightgown and I love the color combo. Definitely make more!

  3. Great chemise.
    Supposedly, spaghetti straps are easily done on my serger but, frankly, I like your incorporation of the bra straps.

  4. I’m so glad you reviewed this pattern. I have it but haven’t sewn it up. I keep looking at the pattern wondering if I should sew some lingerie and after seeing yours I am moving this up in the sewing queue.

  5. Beautiful! Now you just need something with maribou trim… or maybe some hired help to fan you with a palm frond as you lounge around the house.

  6. omg this is totally gorgeous! I love the lace and the green together, and the placement is just perfect. So feminine! (Also I must be weird, because I really like sewing tiny bias tubes – I often do them even if the pattern calls for elastic, hahah)

  7. This is so pretty! I’ve been trying hard to resist this pattern, but it’s hard when you make something like this… your color and fabric choices couldn’t be better!

  8. Happy to see you are making good use of the lace stash — your garment is beautiful. I really need to add this pattern to my lingerie collection. I had a heck of a time finding good lingerie patterns when I first got the bug, so now I buy every pattern I find.

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