Assembly Line Sewing: Fehr Trade’s Lacy Thong

My underwear situation is pretty tragic. Once I figured out a year ago that I could sew my own panties, I refused to buy them any more (even at $5 a pair). Except, I also wasn’t sewing them either.

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It was Trena who mentioned she’d used the Under Armour thin wicking fabric from my local Guss Woolens’ to make drawers.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me! They told me in the shop it was used for making underwear at Under Armour.  Trena  kept going on and on about how great the fabric was for underwear (great recovery, breathable, non fading).

Last February, Kathi R. sent me a stack of pretty stretch laces from FIDM. Lots of gorgeous colors! So, when Melissa released her free Lacy Thong Pattern, I knew I had no excuse but to get to sewing.

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For my first sample, I used a black stretch lace from Fashions Unlimited. I think this was like 50 cents to 1 dollar a yard. Once the first version was sewn and worn with success, I got to cutting.

 photo file_zps61663bac.jpg

And assembling

 photo file_zps7fdee6ac.jpg

And sewing. I found my 1/4 inch foot super helpful with the smallish seam allowances.

 photo file_zps17360d61.jpg

In my mind I was making 10 pairs. But, started to lose steam, lol. Here are the six of the seven that I completed.

 photo file_zps648577b6.jpg

My prior lace thong pattern draft is all lace and I don’t find that the greatest for every day wear. But, this version with the jersey is perfect. A little sexy but still practical.

What do I love about this pattern? It’s simple. You don’t need a serger. The style is super cute. I can’t thank Melissa enough for giving us access to it!

 photo file_zps72efd5fb.jpg

What don’t I like? It’s kind of tedious to sew like this. I wouldn’t recommend batch sewing unless you are in dire straits (as I was). Otherwise, just sew them as you feel like it!

 photo file_zps59a82108.jpg

I’ve updated the Lingerie Resources tab at the top of my blog. A few etsy shops and bra components were no longer active. And, I added another three or four etsy shops I found from searching.

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I have some one inch wide lace on order to make a similar batch of the Rosie Lady Shorts from Cloth Habit. Not my usual style of underwear, but I thought the pattern was super cute and would be great for working out.

I picked up several yards of gray and royal blue thin wicking from Under Armour at Guss Woolens today to try it out soon. Guss Woolens doesn’t have an online presence  but will mail samples out and take phone orders if you’re interested.


  1. So you use the wicking fabric for panties then? Is that better than a jersey or ITY, or just what you happened to have scraps of? The end results are very pretty, I’m going to have to check out your sources for laces…I’ve had some trouble finding what I’m looking for at my local source. 😦

  2. Bravo! I’ve been collecting all of the recent undie patterns that our fabulous community has been making. I’ve only gotten through the Rosy Ladyshorts, but I plan to make these here soon enough… I’ll keep in mind to get to it before I’m in dire straights to prevent assembly fatigue.

  3. I like making undies one at a time too – they’re great for when I haven’t quite figured out my next project but I still have a little time to sew. Unless, of course, all my current pairs are in dire shape and I desperately need more, which has happened. Now that I have figured out a fit I love (I traced some store bought ones and altered that pattern) I’m definitely not buying them again!

    Yours look cute and I’ll have to check out the Etsy sources you found, I could use some more stretch lace soon . . .

    • Very nice production sewing! Your headline was a grabber, LOL. Look at all of those knickers in a row going to be sewn. It’s funny that you mention an empty knicker drawer because I rearranged mine yesterday and discovered it wasn’t my imagination, I really don’t have many left. A few years ago Debbie/Stitches and Seams did a knicker refresh and those have already lasted for several years! Hope yours do too. Thongs are not the right engineering for me but I am thinking of some KS patterns once I get nice picot edge elastic (Kantje Bord by mail?). This kind of pattern could probably be the best thing to happen over a week accumulating 5 minutes each evening. An old PR member once said she always buys 1/2 yard extra of knit fabric for tee shirts to make a matching pair of panties while her machine is all threaded. Is that not brilliant?

      • I remember when Debbie sewed those up. I was new to the sewing community and couldn’t imagine I would ever want to sew underwear. Here I am a few years later thinking it’s the smartest thing I’ve done this year! I wish I could go back to Kantje Bord!

  4. These are gorgeous, which is really saying something since they seem to be practical as well. I assume, although you didn’t say, that the Under Armour fabric is nice for panties. Sadly, I cannot believe I would ever be comfortable in a thong, but I really appreciate the lingerie resources. I am having trouble finding some soft lace that is appropriate for knickers. Another beautiful creation, Renee!

    • Oh. Yes! I’ll go back and edit my post. The fabric was sold to me as underwear fabric from UA. But, I’ve never purchased athletic underwear. I was going to make tank tops and base layers with mine originally. It’s GREAT for panties. Awesome recovery, breathable. My test pair looks brand new after several washings. I tried to go and buy more black yesterday, but they were sold out! So, I got four yards in a silver gray and royal blue.

  5. For those of us who don’t live in Baltimore, do you know of a resource for thin, wicking Under Armor fabric?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t. But, Guss Woolens will do mail order. The items aren’t on the site. I was there yesterday and they are out of black. But, have royal blue, silver/gray, darkest navy and regular navy blue. They send samples! I’d give them a ring. Tell them you want the thin, Under Armour used for underwear. It’s a great price at $5 a yard.

  6. Wow! Fantastic results. I am in the same situation – I hate buying undies – and they never fit well – and am looking for a thong to work out – great idea!! Thanks for the link to the undies. I am also dying to make a bra as well! Thanks for the posts and inspiration!

  7. LOVELY! I’ve never made undies…these beautiful pairs are definitely an inspiration! Thanks for the tips on fabric, notions and the pattern!

  8. These look so nice and colourful! I actually downloaded the pattern after your first recent underwear post, and am slowly finding my feet ordering lace online. I bought some yesterday, and now I’ve seen your resources, the rosy ladyshorts are on the list too – I couldn’t find the lace trim yesterday. Thanks for the awesome resources, and for the good pictures – it’s given me confidence for mine 🙂

  9. I don’t know how anyone finds thongs comfortable for ‘all day wearing”. I was a burlesque entertainer for a number of years back in the day (late 70s/early 80s),and so g-strings and thongs (we called them T-backs) were part of our ‘work clothes”. You’ve heard of the afflictions of “housewife’s knee” and “tennis elbow”, right? Well, thanks to the regular wearing of these particular garments, you can add “stripper’s a**-hole” to that list!

  10. They are beautiful. If you keep this up, you will have to refine the name of the Blog to Miss Celie’s Panties.

  11. Hello! I recently found your blog through a link from another blog to the draped/pleated skirt you made from a kip mode pattern. I desperately want to make that skirt, but I can’t seem to find any information as to WHICH issue of the magazine that pattern was printed in. Can you help me out?


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